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Research Postgraduate students

John Baldari, Doctoral Candidate & Teaching Assistant

Current research: In Bello ethics. Thesis: Soldierly Virtue, testing modern virtue accounts against the specific requirements of warfighters during conflicts.
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Owen Kelly, PhD student

I am exploring the application of Aristotelian moral theory to modern questions about how and why we acquire and dispose of material wealth. I combine that with my work as Director of Engagement at the University of Edinburgh Business School.
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Sean Sinclair, Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Applied Ethics

My research focus is the ethics of healthcare resource allocation, and the intersection of those issues with wider issues of normative ethics.
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Nathan Wood, PhD Student

My research is concerned with the application of justice and equity within global climate change frameworks.
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Tadhg Ó Laoghaire, PhD Student

Somewhere in the murky area between ethics, political philosophy, and international relations, my research investigates the role legitimacy ought to play in developing a theory of justice in trade.
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