Jon Glover

Honorary Fellow

Summary: Research Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Studies, University of Bolton

Professor Jon Glover, BA, MPhil, Leeds


My main research interests link with my work as a poet and editor. I am currently working on the massive archive of material held in Special Collections, Brotherton Library, concerning the poet Jon Silkin and his magazine Stand. The award from the AHRC to the School of English and Special Collections to catalogue and digitise the holdings on 'Leeds Poetry 1950-1980' has enabled the sheer scope and richness of the material to become clear and useable. I am working on a literary biography of Jon Silkin which will form the spine for various other associated projects, particularly on the role played by Stand in helping new writers in various university towns, including Leeds, to gain a reputation as poets and fiction writers. Edward Larrissy and John Whale have been crucial in facilitating work in this area as have Chris Sheppard, Oliver Pickering and Kathryn Jenner in Special Collections. I hope to make good use of this extraordinary material in the next few years.


I started to help with Stand when I was a student in Leeds in the early 1960s. I also started to write poetry when I was on the Board of P&A. My latest volume, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, with Carcanet will appear in September of 2008.


After Jon Silkin's death in 1997 Stand went through various changes. We decided to bring it back to Leeds where it had had one of its most fruitful and happy periods. I am its Managing Editor and spend as much time as I can helping John Whale and Louise Ward with various editorial tasks. When I am not doing that I look after the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Bolton. I have a number of research students who are working on Creative Writing doctorates.