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Geoffrey Cantor, Emeritus Professor

History of physics, especially optics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Science and religion: especially Quaker and Jewish engagements with science
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Arthur Carlyle, Post-graduate researcher

My research is mainly concerned with the nature of organisms and how this information can be utilised in debates concerning personal identity (particularly animalism) and theories of life and death.
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Jamys Carter, PhD

Having completed a Masters by Research on the topic of Women in ministry in a UK Pentecostal movement, I am exploring this further with a PhD, especially considering Pentecostal hermeneutics.
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Paola Chapa-Montes, PhD student

“To kalón”. The metaphysics of "The Fine" in Aristotle's thought
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John Christie, Honorary Fellow

History of Scottish Science; Social History of Science; Enlightenment Science, especially Chemistry; Science, Language and Literature; Science, Art and Aesthetics; Theoretical Historiography.
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Anthea Colledge, PhD Student

Intersecting identities: theological and biomedical narratives of biographical disruption and recovery among those with lived experience of Christianity and mood disorders.
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Nina Collins, Lecturer for Judaism and Modern and Classical Hebrew

Judaism and Modern and Classical Hebrew
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Rebecca Coupe, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2011)

Rebecca completed her BA Theology and Religious Studies programme in 2011 and now runs her own digital marketing agency.
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Adina Covaci, PhD Student

In my project I investigate the practice of moral deference and whether there is anything problematic about it as such. My supervisor is Professor Pekka Väyrynen.
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