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Kersten Hall, Honorary Fellow School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

A former molecular biologist in the School of Medicine, Dr. Hall is now author of 'The Man in the Monkeynut Coat' which tells the story of the forgotten pioneer, Leeds scientist, William Astbury.
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Kersten Hall, Visiting Fellow

Origins and Development of Molecular Biology (esp. the Role Played by Physicists); Debates Concerning the Interpretation and Influence of Gregor Mendel and His Role in the Origin of Genetics.
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Charity Hamilton, PhD Student

Redeeming God: Can the female body as metaxu enable 'Godding' that is redemptive of incarnation?
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Georgina Harmsworth, BA English and Philosophy

Georgina tells us which clubs and societies she is a member of and explains why the lecturers are the best thing about her course.
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David Harrison

David Harrison is currently researching Arab diaspora identity: the Liverpool-Yemeni community and their relationship with Yemen, Liverpool, Islam and the wider Muslim community.
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Richard Hayes, BA Philosophy (2010)

Recent BA Philosophy graduate Richard tells why he thinks the value of Philosophy cannot be overstated.
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Emily Herring, PhD student

My research concerns 20th century evolutionary theories in France and the English-speaking world and the reception of Henri Bergson's metaphysical take on evolution in biological communities
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Aliya Hirji, MA Religion and Public Life

Canadian student Aliya came to Leeds for her MA to develop her awareness of religion and society, after working in several inter-religious organisations.
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Jonathan Hodge, Senior Lecturer (retired)

Jonathan Hodge researches the long run history of theories about origins and species.
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Sam Hunter, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2015), MA Theology and Religious Studies (2016)

Sam wanted to continue his studies at Leeds after completing his undergraduate degree, so applied for an MA course to continue with his interest in contemporary Paganism.
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