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Academic & Teaching staff

Elisabetta Adami, University Academic Fellow in Multimodal Communication

Multimodality; digital media and texts; place semiotics; multimodal discourse analysis; non-verbal communication
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Roya Alimalayeri, Teaching Fellow - Research Assistant

Tutor on Undergraduate Linguistics Seminars, Research Assistant, and Teacher on Academic English for Postgraduate Studies pre-sessional programmes
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Jason Allen Paisant, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

I am Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the School of Modern Languages & the Centre for World Literatures. My Leverhulme project is on the typology of the epic in Caribbean literature and performance.
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Gregorio Alonso, Lecturer in Spanish History

+44 (0)113 343 3515

Political and religious conflicts in Modern Europe and Latin America; the making of the liberal, nationalistic and Catholic traditions during the nineteenth century; democracy and democratization.
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Andrea Alvisi, Teaching Fellow in Interpreting


Interpreting tutor at the MA in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies (MACITS) specialising in retour training and interpreting between English and Italian.
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Kweku Ampiah, Associate Professor of Japanese Studies

I am a political economist with expertise in Japanese diplomacy and foreign policy. My research interests include Japanese diplomacy in the 1950s, and Japan’s relations with Africa.
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Margaret Atack, Professor of French

+44 (0)113 343 3379

French film and fiction of the Vichy years; postwar war/occupation narratives; French women’s writing; roman/film noir; French culture of the 1950/60s; 20th century French thought and culture
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Bogdan Babych, Associate Professor in Translation Studies

+44 (0)113 343 1085

Machine Translation; computational models for morphosyntax; Slavonic languages; Ukrainian
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Bev Back, Lecturer in Latin Literature and Language (Teaching & Scholarship); Admissions Tutor for Classics

0113 343 3543 (ext. 33543)

Post-Augustan Latin epic poetry; Roman personal poetry; Virgil; classical receptions in modern science fiction and fantasy; the Argonautic myth
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Jamal Bahmad, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

+44 (0)1133430102

I'm a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies. My research interests centre principally on North African and Francophone cinema and cultural studies.
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Alessio Baldini, Lecturer in Italian Culture

+44 (0)113 3432925

Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture, Literary Theory, Literature and Ethics, Literature and the Mind.
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Manuel Barcia, Professor of Latin American History

0113 343 7617

African slavery and slave trade in the Atlantic World; forms of slave resistance in the Americas (particularly Cuba and Brazil).
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Andrea Basso, Postgraduate Research Student

Images of Philosophical Freedom in Plato’s Statesman and its Context; Plato's Imagery and Ethics; Ancient Greek literature; Relations of Philosophy and Mythology; Political Philosophy
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Fozia Bora, Lecturer in Middle Eastern History and Islamic History

+44 (0)113 343 3416

Arabic history and historiography; Arabic archives; Arabic codicology; medieval Islamic institutions of learning; Islam and gender; history of the modern Middle East
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Terry Bradford, Teaching Fellow in French & Interpreting

+44 (0)113 343 3492

I teach professional translation (incl. MA in Translation Studies), interpreting, French for Academic/Specific Purposes, & the Foundations of Modern French Thought.
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Roger Brock, Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)113 34 36785

Greek historiography, particularly Herodotus, and ancient Greek politics, especially citizenship and political thought; Democratic and oligarchic ideology; Greek political imagery; ancient Greek wine.
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Lee Broughton, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow in World Cinemas

European Westerns (particularly Italian, German and British variants); international Westerns; popular cinema worldwide; cult cinema worldwide; genre studies; cult TV; fan cultures
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Ros Brown-Grant, Professor of Late Medieval French Literature

+44 (0)113 343 3491

All aspects of medieval literature; manuscript studies; iconography; gender/sexuality in the Middle Ages
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Anne Buckley, Lecturer in Translation Studies and German

0113 343 3504

Teacher of German language, Translation Studies and English for Specific Purposes
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Ian Caldwell, Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies

The history of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, before 1900; the history and culture of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
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Amanda Cardoso, Teaching Fellow in Phonetics

Phonetics and phonology; sociophonetics; dialectology; dialect emergence; language variation and change
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Dragoș Ciobanu, Lecturer in Translation Studies

+44 (0)113 343 0091

Computer-Assisted Translation tools; Automatic Speech Recognition for professional translators; corpus linguistics; machine translation; e-learning
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Henry Clarke, Teaching Fellow in Roman History and Culture; Postgraduate Researcher in Classics

Roman History and Archaeology; Iron Age to Roman Spain and Portugal; Identity and Landscape Studies; Cultural Change in the Ancient World; Roman Historiography; Latin; Ancient Greek
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Richard Cleminson, Professor of Hispanic Studies

0113 343 3528

History of Sexuality in Iberia, 1850 to the present; the anarchist movement in Spain; the history of homosexuality, eugenics, nudism, technology and sexuality and hermaphroditism.
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Paul Cooke, Centenary Chair in World Cinemas

+44 (0)113 34 37295

Contemporary German cinema in its political, aesthetic and industrial context; the role of Hollywood in World Cinema; European Heritage Cinema
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Ingo Cornils, Senior Lecturer in German; Director of Joint Honours Programmes

+44 (0)113 343 3513

Zukunftsbewältigung: Utopian Thought, especially in Romanticism, the German Student Movement ('1968'), Science Fiction, and in the works of Kurd Lasswitz, Hermann Hesse and Uwe Timm.
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Catherine Davies, Lecturer in Psycholinguistics

+44 (0)113 343 7627

First language acquisition; developmental pragmatics; experimental pragmatics; psycholinguistics
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Cécile De Cat, Professor of Linguistics

Language acquisition (first, bilingual, second); second language processing; information structure & its interaction with syntax; METHODS: corpus-based and experimental studies; statistical modelling.
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Stephanie Dennison, Professor of Brazilian Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3523

My main areas of research are Brazilian film culture and the broader context of World Cinema. I currently lead an AHRC-funded research network entitled Soft Power cinema and the BRICS.
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Christopher Dent, Professor of East Asia's International Political Economy

East Asian regionalism and regionalisation; free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific; renewable energy and low carbon development in East Asia; energy diplomacy
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James Dickins, Professor of Arabic

+44 (0)113 343 1311

Arabic linguistics; Arabic language pedagogy; Arabic/English translation; Arabic dialectology (especially Sudanese Arabic); functionalist linguistics
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Alex Ding, Director of the Centre for Excellence in Language Teaching Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes

0113 3439737

Direct language education scholarship projects within the school: English for Academic Purposes especially for research students.
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Sarah Dodd, Lecturer in Chinese Studies


Contemporary and classical Chinese fiction; science fiction and fantasy; Chinese cinema; translation
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Judith Eberharter, OeAD Lektorin, Teaching Fellow in German

0044 (0)113 34 33506

Teacher of German as a Foreign and Second Language. Also specialised in language learning and teaching.
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Hanem El-Farahaty, Lecturer in Arabic/English Translation and Interpreting

0113 343 3593

Applied linguistics; English/Arabic translation studies; legal translation; critical discourse analysis; comparative linguistics
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Ahmed Elgindy, Teaching Fellow of Arabic

0113 343 9116

Translation of Islamic political discourse; Sociology of translation; Arabic as a foreign language
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Alison Fell, Professor of French Cultural History

0113 343 8879

Women and war; French Culture and the First World War; French and British women in the interwar period; French women's writing
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Caroline Fielder, Lecturer in Chinese Studies

0113 343 4403

Religion in contemporary China, especially faith based organisations; civil society; charity and philanthropy; volunteering; citizenship education
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Helen Finch, Associate Professor in German; Director of Student Education

+44 (0)113 343 3510 | Twitter: @helencfinch

Literature and the Holocaust; W. G. Sebald and H. G. Adler; South Africa in a comparative context; archives; cultural trauma; gender and queer identities in German literature
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Frank Finlay, Professor of German; Dean of the Faculty of Arts

+44 (0)113 343 2687

German literature in its social and historical context; the role of the writer-intellectual; contemporary Austrian drama and the stage; literature & National Socialism; post-1989 narrative fiction
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Alessandra Flore, Teaching Fellow in Italian

+44 (0)113 343 3637

Liaison interpreting; consecutive interpreting; translation and use of language
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Karima Gaci (FHEA), Teaching Fellow in French


French as a foreign language pedagogy; French grammar teaching; Second language acquisition and learning (FLE); Grammar descriptions, discourses and general linguistics
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Vahideh Golzard, Part-time Lecturer in Persian

Persian language and culture; Persian-English interpretation; Women and Cyberspace in Iran
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Stuart Green, Senior Lecturer in Spanish

+44 (0)113 343 3520

Spanish culture and society; performing arts (theatre, film, television and pop music, esp. hip-hop); ethnic identity and multiculturalism, especially Spain's relations with Africa; humour and comedy
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Sameh Hanna, Lecturer in Arabic Literature and Translation; Director of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

+44(0)113 343 9111

History of translation in the Arabic tradition; Literary and theatre translation; Sociology of translation; Shakespeare in modern Arab culture; translation and religion
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Irena Hayter, Lecturer in Japanese Studies

+ 44 (0) 113 343 3415

The literary and visual cultures of Japanese modernity and their politics, especially during the interwar years; Japanese film; gender and sexuality; the body and the senses; critical theory
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Bettina Hermoso Gomez, Spanish Teaching Fellow

0113 343 7107

The effective use of new technologies in the language classroom; web 2.0 technologies in language teaching; blended learning; the role of women in contemporary Spanish cinema.
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Richard Hibbitt, Senior Lecturer in French and Comparative Literature

+44 (0)113 343 3495

Nineteenth and early twentieth-century French literature; comparative literature; the fin de siècle; dilettantism and cosmopolitanism.
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Owen Hodkinson, Lecturer in Greek and Roman Cultures; Study Abroad Coordinator; Year in Industry Coordinator.

+44 (0)113 34 33548

Greek letters and epistolary literature; ancient prose fiction and narrative literature; modern receptions of the classics.
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Diana Holmes, Professor of French

+44 (0)113 343 3496

Women writers in France, late nineteenth century to the present; popular and middlebrow fiction; French cinema
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Chris Homewood, Lecturer in German and World Cinemas Programme Manager, JH Film Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3512

Cinematic representations of left-wing terrorism and '1968' in Germany; the cultural memory of the Rote Armee Fraktion; Weimar Cinema; Post-Wall and New German Cinema; the 'Berlin School'; genre
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Claire Honess, Dean of Postgraduate Research Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3631

As Dean of PGR Studies I have academic oversight of all research degree activity in the University. My research interests focus on medieval Italy, especially Dante.
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James (Jim) House, Senior Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 3489

Algerian War of Independence; histories of antiracism in France from the 1930s; Algerian migrations to France since 1919; colonial racism in France; colonial governance in Algeria and Morocco.
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Sarah Hudspith, Associate Professor in Russian

+44 (0)113 343 3290

Russian and Slavonic literature of the 19th to 21st centuries, especially Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Kundera; canon formation; culture and national identities; globality and globalisation; narrative; humour
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Tajul Islam, Lecturer in Islamic Studies; Co-Director of the Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

0113 34 33424

Islamic theology; Quranic studies; Hadith studies; contemporary sectarian polemics
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Rebecca Jarman, Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Latin American culture and politics, especially urbanization, poverty and populism in Venezuela. Eco-catastrophe and protest in contemporary film and literature.
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Kashmir Kaur, Teaching Fellow (FHEA)

0113 343 3355

Currently teaching English for Academic Purposes to post-graduate students, co-ordinating the Foreign Language Assistants’ Course and collaborating on the South West Jiaotong University (SWJT) project
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Wolfgang Keinhorst, Part-time Teaching Fellow in German

German language; the German economy and language for business, enterprise and commerce; intercultural competence, especially in relation to international business
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Ruba Khamam, Teaching Fellow in Arabic and Translation

0113 343 0478

Inter-cultural Pragmatics, Linguistic (Im)Politeness,Teaching and Learning Arabic as a Second Language, Applied Linguistics, and English/Arabic/English Translation.
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Hendrik Kraetzschmar, Associate Professor in the Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

+44(0)113 343 3423

Authoritarianism and democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa, with focus on civil society, party and electoral politics
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Chiara La Sala, Senior Teaching Fellow in Italian

+44 (0)113 343 9534

Relationship between standard Italian and local or regional varieties spoken in Italy.
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El Mustapha Lahlali, Associate Professor in Arabic and Media

+44 (0)113 343 3427

Arab media and society; discourse analysis, classroom interaction and pedagogy; English and Arabic stylistics; Critical Discourse Analysis and media texts; political discourse
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Ruru Li, Professor of Chinese Theatre Studies

Tradition and innovation: performance of Beijing Opera; comparative theatre: traditional and modern theatres in China and Western theatre; intercultural performance art
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Simone Lomartire, Teaching Fellow

+113 343 9535

Broadly, my scholarly interests include: Foreign Language Pedagogy, Theatre Studies, Cinema Studies, Canadian Studies, Irish Studies, Semiotics, and Cultural History.
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Claire Lozier, Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 3489

Twentieth-century aesthetics of the extreme; baroque aesthetics; sublime; abject; obscenity and pornography; representations of death; stylistics; rhetoric; Georges Bataille; Jean Genet; Samuel Becket
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Anne-Teresa Markovic, DAAD Lektorin

+44 (0)113 343 3502

German as a Foreign and Second Language; language learning and teaching; integration issues in Germany
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Sofia Martinho, Teaching Fellow in Portuguese, Director of the Camões Centre for Portuguese Language

0113 343 7618

Digital literacies for language learning; Uses and effectiveness of technologies in language learning and teaching; Blended-learning; Online autonomous language learning; Speaking skills.
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Antonio Martínez-Arboleda, Principal Teaching Fellow in Spanish

+44 (0)113 343 3529

Open Educational Resources and Practice; Digital Humanities; Spanish Language; Spanish Contemporary Society and Politics; Undergraduate Skills; Autonomous Learning; Oral History
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Regine May, Associate Professor

+44 (0)113 34 33541

Ancient drama; The Latin novel; Apuleius' use of Roman comedy, tragedy and mime; Dramatic intertextuality in Apuleius, women in the ancient novels and Greek comedy, short articles on ancient medicine
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Stefan Mikulin, Teaching Fellow in Interpreting

Teaching Fellow in Interpreting and Module Convenor for French, German and Spanish Interpreting; Retour Interpreting; Public Service Interpreting and Introduction to Interpreting Skills.
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John Moreton, Part-Time Language Tutor (Arabic & Turkish)

Arabic-English translation; teaching Arabic and Turkish as foreign languages; the diglossia problem in Arabic teaching; Turkish linguistics, history and culture; literature of Iran and Turkey
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Kazuki Morimoto, Associate Professor in Japanese

+44 (0)113 343 3561

I have been teaching Japanese to all year levels at the University of Leeds since 2005. I am also the Japanese Year Abroad Tutor and responsible for the pre-departure guidance & pastoral care in Japan
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Jeremy Munday, Professor of Translation Studies

+44 (0)113 343 7616

Translation studies; translation theory; discourse analysis; ideology and translation; translator archives
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Juan Muñoz López, Language Teaching Fellow in Spanish

0113 343 3524

Teaching/learning approaches; use of modern technologies in language teaching; material creation and development; non-verbal communication
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Diane Nelson, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Syntax, especially the syntax-morphology interface; syntactic language impairments; language evolution; endangered languages; Uralic languages.
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Alan O'Leary, Associate Professor in Italian

+44 (0)113 343 3633

Cinema and history; Italian cultural studies; Popular cinema; Terrorism in Italian cinema
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Yuka Oeda, Teaching Fellow in Japanese

Foreign language education and teaching methodology; Japanese pedagogy; second language acquisition
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Corinne Painter, Postgraduate Research Student; Postgraduate Research Teaching Assistant

German Jewish identity, female writers, the German women's movement, responses to anti-Semitism in the Jewish community
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Lourdes Parra, Doctoral Researcher and Education Outreach Fellow

Latin American travel writers, and more broadly feminist and queer theories in literature, critical discourse and cultural analysis.
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David Pattinson, Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature; Programme Manager for Chinese

0113 3433468

Bees and beekeeping in Chinese culture before 1900; Letter writing and collections in China, especially late Ming and early Qing; Social networks in late imperial China, especially in Jiangxi.
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Elizabeth Pender, Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)113 34 33538

Greek philosophy, particularly the literary aspects of philosophical writing; Plato esp. responses to Greek traditions of philosophy, rhetoric and poetry.
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Ying Peng, Teaching Fellow in Chinese

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language; language teaching curriculum & pedagogy; assessment (washback effects); student-centred learning & learner autonomy; study abroad.
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Stephan Petzold, Teaching Fellow in German, Programme Manager for German, German Residence Abroad Coordinator

+44 (0)113 34 35194

20th-century German history, West Germany in 50s/60s, memory of the Nazi past and Holocaust, German national identity after 1945
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Federica Pich, Lecturer in Italian

+44 (0)113 343 3589

Early Modern and Renaissance literature and art; lyric poetry; chivalric poems; literature and visual arts; memory
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Pier Pischedda, Teaching Assistant in Linguistics and Translation Studies

Italian/English/Japanese Sound Symbolism (Onomatopoeia, Interjections, Ideophones); Comics Studies; Translation Studies; Diachronic Linguistics; Neology; Phonotactics; Disney Studies
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Thea Pitman, Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3521

Contemporary Latin American cultural production, especially online, and more broadly digital, works, as well as more traditional works of literature & film. Questions of race, ethnicity and gender.
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David Platten, Professor of French

+44 (0)113 343 3496

20th and 21st century French literature, especially crime fiction; popular culture and film; aesthetics
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Leendert Plug, Associate Professor in Linguistics and Phonetics; Director of Linguistics and Phonetics

Phonetics and phonology, with a particular focus on spontaneous speech patterns; interactional linguistics
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Hilary Potter, Teaching Fellow in German to English TranslationRecruitment & Admissions Tutor

Translation; Rosenstraße protest; cultural memory and national identity; German-Jewish past; impact.
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Roberto Rodriguez-Saona, Teaching Fellow in Latin American Studies

0113 343 3516

Latin American literature, particularly Peruvian literature; urban landscape in contemporary Peruvian literature
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Caroline Rose, Professor of Sino-Japanese Relations

+44 (0)113 343 3471

Contemporary Sino-Japanese relations; nationalism in China and Japan; Sino-Japanese reconciliation; history and citizenship education in China and Japan; Japan's foreign policy
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Paul Rowe, Senior Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 3485

Nineteenth-century intellectual culture, and in particular on Benjamin Constant; Franco-German cultural transfers; the press; the Saint-Simonians
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Nigel Saint, Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 2955

Modern theories of the visual (Marin, Didi-Huberman); writing on the visual arts since 1800, including theory, criticism and literature; modern fiction, especially Yourcenar, Perec, Toussaint.
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Kamal Salhi, Reader in Francophone, Postcolonial and African Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3501

Francophone and post-colonial studies: politics and aesthetics of African cultural production, post-colonial theory, North African cultural and language policies, the cultures of independence
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Olivia Santovetti, Lecturer in Italian

+44 (0)113 343 3635

Eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth-century Italian authors; theory of the novel; self-reflexivity in Italian literature
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Alina Secară, Lecturer in Translation Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3365

Audiovisual translation studies; computer-assisted translation technology; translation training and professional development; education technology and pedagogy
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Martin Seeger, Associate Professor of Thai Studies


History of Buddhism in Thailand; contemporary movements in Thai Buddhism and their relations to society, politics and the economy; disputes on Buddhist doctrines in Thailand
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Adcharawan Seeger (Ning), Teaching Fellow in Thai Language and Culture Programme Manager for Thai Thailand Year Abroad Coordinator

+44 (0)113 343 6537

She has been teaching Thai language and culture to all levels at the University of Leeds since 2006, and she is also a Thai Year Abroad Tutor.
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Abdul B Shaikh, Teaching Fellow in Islamic Studies

Arab and Islamic history and civilization; Abrahamic faiths, theology and philosophy; Judaism and Christianity
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Ingrid Sharp, Senior Lecturer in German; Graduate Studies Director in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, Chair of University Graduate Examinations Group

+44 (0)113 343 3509

Gender relations and Cultural representation in German History; Women’s groups and the First World War; Gender and Peace History in the commemorations of WW1 and the German Revolution 1918
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Mustapha Sheikh, Lecturer in Islamic Studies; Co-Director of the Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

+44 (0)113 343 3422

Islamic legal theory and theology; Muslim reformist thought; Islamic Finance
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Max Silverman, Professor of French

+44 (0)113 343 3486

Cultural memory, trauma and violence; colonial and post-colonial theory and cultures; immigration, race, nation and citizenship; representations of the city.
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Angel Smith, Reader in Modern Spanish History

0113 343 3526

I work on nineteenth and twentieth century Spanish history. My main areas of research are social elites, political conflict in early twentieth-century Spain, and nationalisms and national identities.
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Rasha Soliman, Teaching Fellow in Arabic Language

Teaching Arabic as a Second Language (TASL); Applied Linguistics; Arabic Sociolinguistics; Curriculum Design; Language learning needs and attitudes; Dialectology and Mutual Intelligibility.
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Emma Stafford, Senior Lecturer in Classics; Deputy Head of School

+44 (0)113 34 33539

Greek social and cultural history, especially myth, religion and sexuality; particular interests in personifications (including Nemesis), Herakles and the Trojan War; receptions of classical myth.
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Andy Stafford, Senior Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 3498

Critical theory, especially the work of Roland Barthes; African and Caribbean literature, politics and historiography; the forme brève
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Gigliola Sulis, Associate Professor in Italian, Director of Italian and Classics

+44 (0)113 343 3639

Multilingual literature; regional and dialect literatures, especially Sardinian; twentieth-century fiction; language and style of Italian writers
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Caroline Summers, Lecturer in Comparative Literary Translation

+44 (0)113 343 3778

Literature of the GDR; Christa Wolf; narrative theory; literary translation; authorship and identity; language and music
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Stuart Taberner, Professor of Contemporary German Literature, Culture and Society.

0113 343 3504 / Twitter: @stuarttaberner1

German writers and intellectuals after 1945. German literature after 1989. Literature and ageing. Transnationalism. Holocaust Studies. Confronting traumatic pasts in Germany and South Africa.
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Martin Thomas, Lecturer in Translation Studies

+44 (0)113 343 7106

Multilingual graphic communication; multimodal localisation; information design; genre theory; corpus linguistics; translation technologies, especially those supporting collaborative work and learning
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Matthew Treherne, Head of School of Languages, Cultures and Societies Senior Lecturer in Italian

+44 (0)113 343 8612

Dante and medieval literature; Tasso and Renaissance literature
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Binhua Wang, Associate Professor in Interpreting and Translation Studies

+44(0)113 343 1717

Interpreter training; interpreting studies; translation studies; English/Chinese interpreting
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Nina Wardleworth, Teaching Fellow in French

Literary depictions of the Second World War in the French Empire; Colonial subjects in the French Resistance; Cultural Representations of the Harkis; The Arab Spring in the Maghreb
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Sarah Waters, Senior Lecturer in French;

+44 (0)113 343 3473

Social protest and conflict in contemporary France; social movement theory (Alain Touraine, Pierre Bourdieu); May 1968; altermondialisme; 2008 economic crisis
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Janet C.E. Watson, Leadership Chair for Language at Leeds

+44 (0)113 343 7069

Documentation of Modern South Arabian languages; Arabic dialectology; phonology; morphology; acoustic and instrumental phonetics
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Frances Weightman, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Chinese fiction and authorial identity; authorial prefaces and paratexts; political dissent and Chinese democracy movements; seventeenth-century classical Chinese tales
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Duncan Wheeler, Associate Professor in Spanish Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3514

Golden Age Drama and Prose Fiction; Hispanic and European cinema(s); Translation; Popular Music; Contemporary Spanish Culture and Politics; Twentieth-Century Spanish Theatre; Gender and Sexuality
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Paul White, Lecturer in Classics

+44 (0)113 34 30693

Classical Latin and Neo-Latin literature, particularly poetry; comparative literature; classical reception; the classical commentary; Renaissance humanism in Europe; history of education
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Joey Whitfield, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Latin American Studies

Contemporary Latin American literature and film especially the themes of crime, violence and the actions of the state in the war on drugs.
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Melinda Whong, Professor of Language Learning and Teaching; Language Centre Director

+44 (0)113 343 7627

Linguistics in language teaching; second language acquisition; English for Academic Purposes and policy in higher education
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Jane Wilkinson, Lecturer in German

+44 (0)113 343 3511

Contemporary German-speaking theatre and drama, with particular focus on representations of migration, 'postmigration', and transnational experience; border cultures and border theory
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James Wilson, Lecturer in Russian and Language Studies

+44 (0)113 343 1912

Language variation in Czech; variationist sociolinguistics; language pedagogy; corpus-based language learning
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Clare Wright, Lecturer in Linguistics and Language Teaching

+44 (0)113 343 1852

Second language teaching and learning; L2 morphosyntax; psycholinguistics, working memory; L2 fluency; L2 Mandarin development; EAP; internationalisation of HE
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Daming Wu, Associate Professor in Chinese and Translation Studies

Computer-Assisted Translation; translation and interpreting studies; computer-assisted language learning
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Maria Elizabeth G. Xanthou, Teaching Fellow in Greek literature and language

+44 (0)113 34 33548

Greek lyric poetry, monodic and choral; Attic comedy; Attic rhetoric; 19th c. German classical scholarship; textual criticism; e-learning; ICT methodologies in teaching Greek and Latin.
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Ilya Yablokov, Teaching Fellow in Russian Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3778

Russian politics; Russian media; Russian history; conspiracy theories; nation-building and inter-ethnic relations in post-Soviet Russia
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Lan Yang, Lecturer in Chinese

Stylistics and linguistic criticism on literature; applied linguistics; teaching Chinese as a second language; Chinese literature and language of the Cultural Revolution
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Heather Xiaoquan Zhang, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies

+44 (0)113 3433497

Socio-economic and human development in China and Southeast Asia (Vietnam); global-local linkages and the impact of globalisation on local development
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