Dr James (Jim) House

Dr James (Jim) House

Senior Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 3489

Summary: Algerian War of Independence; histories of antiracism in France from the 1930s; Algerian migrations to France since 1919; colonial racism in France; colonial governance in Algeria and Morocco.

Research Interests

His research centres on the following areas:

  • history and memories of the Algerian War of Independence
  • history of Algerian migrations since 1919
  • colonial governance in Algeria and France
  • history of shanty-towns (France, Algeria, Morocco)
  • history of antiracism in France from the 1930s to the present day
  • history of colonial racism in France.

With co-author Neil MacMaster (UEA, Norwich) he has published Paris 1961: Algerians, State Terror, and Memory (Oxford University Press, 2006).

For the paperback edition (2009) see


Based on extensive archive and interview material, Paris 1961 examines: the long-term causes of colonial violence against Algerians in Paris during the War of Independence; the events of 1961 leading to the repression of the 17 October 1961 demonstrations; the social memories of such violence up to the present day. The book situates the violence within a longer chronology of colonial repression in Morocco and Algeria, as well as examining the memories of October 1961 as part of the broader memorial landscape of the Algerian War of Independence in France and Algeria. See Philippe Bernard's review of Paris 1961 in Le Monde des livres of 13 October 2006, p.2.

This book was published in French translation by Tallandier in February 2008.

See http://www.tallandier.com/ouvrage.php?id_ouvrage=335.

Jim's current monograph  examines shanty-towns (bidonvilles) in Algeria and Morocco, 1930-1962. This study considers shanty-towns within the wider social and political history of the colonial city, and has involved extensive archival and oral history work in Aix-en-Provence, Algiers, Casablanca, Nantes, Paris and Rabat with a British Academy Small Research Grant. This research has led Jim to work on colonial repression in Casablanca (December 1952) and Algiers (December 1960).

Jim actively welcomes expressions of interest from prospective research students on any of the research interests detailed above. Recent and on-going research co-supervisions:

  • women sans-papiers in France
  • social memories of the Algerian War and the Occupation
  • history of the French far right
  • anti-advertising protest in France
  • cinema and immigration
  • antiracism and national identity.

Selection of recent and forthcoming publications:


Jim House and Neil MacMaster (2006) Paris 1961: Algerians, State Terror, and Memory, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 375pp. Paperback edition 2009.

Translated as Paris 1961. Les Algériens, la mémoire, et la terreur d'Etat, Paris: Tallandier (trans. Christophe Jacquet).   

Edited work

Co-editor, with Joanna Drugan and Sarah Waters, 'New Voices? Social movements in France', special edition of Modern and Contemporary France, Vol.12, No.1, February 2004.

Co-editor, with Brian Jenkins, Jeremy Leaman and Sarah Waters, 'Poverty and Re-thinking the Left in France', Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Vol.16, No.1, April 2008.

Articles and chapters

Forthcoming (2010)

  • 'Memory and the Creation of Solidarity During the Decolonization of Algeria', article in Yale French Studies, special edition on 'Multidirectional Memory in Postwar French and Francophone Culture' edited by Michael Rothberg, Debarati Sanyal and Max Silverman.
  • With Raphaëlle Branche, 'Silences on state violence during the Algerian War of Independence: France and Algeria, 1962-2007', chapter in Efrat Ben-Zeev, Ruth Ginio and Jay Winter (eds.), Shadows of War: a Social History of Silence in the Twentieth Century, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


  • 'Leaving silence behind? Algerians and the memories of colonial violence', chapter in Nanci Adler, Selma Leydesdorff, Mary Chamberlain and Leyla Neyzi (eds.), Memories of Mass Repression. Narrating Life Stories in the Aftermath of Atrocity, New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2009, pp.137-153.
  • 'De la métropole comme espace de réflexion sur les liens entre colonisation, immigration et racisme (1945-1962)', chapter in Nancy L. Green and Marie Poinsot (eds.), Histoire de l'immigration et question coloniale en France, Paris : La Documentation française / Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration, 2008, pp.23-30.
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