Marilena Georgiou

BA Classical Civilisation 2003

Summary: Marilena graduated with a 2:1 in 2003 and talks about how her degree helped her land a job in Public Relations.

I graduated in 2003 with a 2:1 in Classical Civilisation and whilst I wasn’t certain what industry I wanted to work in, I was so glad I had chosen to study Classical Civilisation.

Firstly it was a subject I was passionate about and had been since GCSE level but also because once I started applying for jobs and going for interviews, I found that employers were fascinated by my degree and regarded it as an interesting and different choice of study.

A lot of people assume that if you studied Classical Civilisation, then the only obvious career path would be to work in a museum or teach the subject at schools! This is simply not true and within 3 months of graduating I started working at a Public Relations company in London, specialising in Travel and Tourism PR. I spent 2 years working at a PR agency, followed by 4 years working in house at a large UK tour operator as their Head of Public Relations. In 2010, I set up my own business offering UK Public Relations to the Travel & Tourism industry.

Considering my profession on a day to day basis it is amazing how relevant my Classics degree is. Some of my clients include luxury hotels in destinations such as Cyprus and Greece and to promote the country or specific resorts, means me having to write and submit press releases to the UK media. When relevant, I never hesitate to focus my press release on the historical importance of the destination and quite often use various ancient sites and monuments to promote my clients’ product!

I can say with confidence that when looking for a new job and in interviews it was my Classics degree that set me apart from the rest and what tended to give me an edge over my competition. The degree is not just about what temples you studied, what date a red figure vase is or what Homer’s view on women is in the Ancient World,  but more about demonstrating your intellectual curiosity and your passion to pursue a different and rewarding course. Most importantly a degree in Classics will serve as wonderful preparation for almost any field or professional industry.