Ed Stephen

Ed Stephen

BA Classical Civilisation (2006)

Summary: Ed graduated in 2006 and now works for Hoxton Hall Youth Arts.


Since my graduation I was lucky enough to get straight into employment in Halifax where I was working for a youth theatre charity ‘The Workshop’ where I ran a Boys dance project, which fitted well with my strong interest in BBoying and HipHop Culture. While at the ‘The Workshop’ it transpired that the Artistic Director was looking also for someone to inform a local group of young people with regards of classics with the aim of stimulating the imagination and informing them of the roots of western culture, so I also ended up running informal lectures and discussions once a week on the Greeks and Romans. I have since moved on and now work for Hoxton Hall Youth Arts in London, where I manage engagement projects for 14-19 year olds in Hackney and Islington.

Generally people look at me with slight confusion when I tell them I did a Classics Degree, as they don’t see why I am doing what I am doing and how it relates, but for me Classics was more about studying something I am interested in and also provides you with highly transferable skills, a good sense of where you come from, a grounding in the arts and some cool answers for pub quizzes.