Fiona Sly

BA Classical Civilisation (2006)

Summary: Fiona graduated from Leeds in the summer of 2006 and now works as a primary school teacher. Read her story here.

A year after finishing my degree at Leeds, I did a Primary PGCE at Oxford Brookes and am now in my third year teaching Year 4 at a primary school in Oxford.

My school has adopted a story-based curriculum where everything is taught through stories. As you can imagine, I have been able to put my degree to good use with this curriculum! So far my classes have enjoyed learning about the ancient Greek culture through Odysseus, Theseus and Hercules.  

In terms of professional development, my choice of degree has also meant I am Humanities co-ordinator at school, organising the geographical and historical aspects of the curriculum across the school. Teaching does seem to be a common theme amongst many of Classics graduates, but there are so many worthwhile opportunities within teaching that it is definitely worth consideration!