Andrew Parker

BA Classical Civilisation (2005)

Summary: Andrew graduated from Leeds in 2005 and now works as a lawyer.

In my final year at university I made a decision that I would like to become a lawyer.  I applied to the College of Law in York and was successful in achieving a place to carry out the Graduate Diploma in Law – the law conversion course. 
The course strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in the law, and I then went on to carry out the Legal Practice Course before qualifying to be a lawyer with a firm in my local town.  I now work for Kennedys LLP in London. They are an international law firm, and are one of the top Litigation firms in the Country.

I consider that my Classics degree played an integral role in allowing me to pursue the career that I have.  As well as being incredibly interesting a Classics degree allows students to develop all the core skills needed to succeed in a career such a law. As well as developing attention to detail and accuracy, Classics involves interpreting text and being analytical. A Classics degree also involves independent research and group discussions. These are all skills which are used in work-based situations.
In addition to this, Classics is always an interesting talking point which allows you to stand out with prospective employers. I have always found that people have a genuine interest in ancient history and employers are always impressed by individuals who have an enthusiasm for their university studies.