Professor Robert Williams

Professor Robert Williams

Professor of Theoretical Philosophy

0113 343 3282

Summary: Philosophy of Logic and Language; Metaphysics; Formal epistemology.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of logic and language
  • Metaphysics
  • Formal Epistemology

I am currently Principal Investigator for:

  • The Nature of Representation (2012-17, ERC starting research grant). 
  • Metaphysical indeterminacy (2010-13, AHRC early career award, joint with Elizabeth Barnes and Ross Cameron). 



Selected Publications 

  • 'Counterfactual triviality', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming).
  • 'Generalized probabilism', Journal of Philosophical Logic (forthcoming).
  • 'Fundamental and derivative truths', Mind (2010).
  • 'Is supervaluational consequence logically revisionary?', Journal of Philosophy (2008).
  • 'Eligibility and Inscrutability', Philosophical Review (2007).


For more, see Robbie's personal webpage

PhD supervision.

I am currently particularly interested in supervising projects in the following two areas:

  • The nature of representation: the metaphysics, epistemology and explanatory role of mental and linguistic content.
  • Living in a non-classical world: epistemology and practical reasoning interacting with indeterminacy and nonclassical logic.


But I'm also willing to supervise in any of my areas of research interest. Please do drop me a line if you want to discuss potential PhD projects, for example in:

  • Conditionals: the logic, semantics and pragmatics of indicative and counterfactual conditionals.
  • Indeterminacy and vagueness.
  • Philosophy of mathematics
  • Probability: subjective and objective.
  • Personal identity
  • Logic: classical and non-classical; metaphysics, epistemology and normativity.
  • Ontological commitment: the relation between metaphysics and language.
  • Metasemantics: the foundations of reference and representation.


Completed supervision:

  • Stephan Kraemer. PhD 2011. "Second-Order Quantification and Ontological Commitment". (final year only). (Currently post-doctoral research associate, University of Hamburg. This thesis won the Wolfgang-Stegmüller-Preis)
  • Mirja Holst. PhD 2012. "Ordering semantics for incomplete descriptions". (2012: DAAD award at the University of Hamburg. Currently research associate at the University of Aachen.)
  • Alex Oldemeier. PhD 2012. "The epistemology of abstraction" (AHRC award 2009-11. Jacobsen fellow 2011-12).


Current supervision:

  • Thomas Brouwer. 2009-- PhD on the metaphysical commitments of logic. (Jacobsen fellow, 2012-13).
  • Laura Crosilla. 2012-- PhD on the philosophy of constructive mathematics.