Dr Ross Cameron

Dr Ross Cameron

Associate Professor

0113 34 33273

Summary: Metaphysics; Philosophical Methodology; Formal and Philosophical Logic.

Ross joined the Department as Research Fellow in Metaphysics at the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind in 2005, became a Lecturer in 2006, and a Senior Lecturer in 2009.

Prior to this he was writing his PhD thesis at the Arche AHRC research centre for the philosophy of logic, language, mathematics and mind at the University of St Andrews. He is an associate fellow of the Northern Institute of Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen.  His main interests are in the metaphysics of x, for most x.

Research interests

  • Metaphysics: modality, ontology, truth, composition, time, persistence, metametaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, indeterminacy, vagueness.

Selected Publications

  • 'Back To The Open Future', forthcoming in Philosophical Perspectives (with Elizabeth Barnes)
  • 'Composition as Identity Does Not Settle the Special Composition Question', forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
  • 'Truthmaking for Presentists', Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol.6, edited by Karen Bennett and Dean Zimmerman, Oxford University Press, p55-100, (2010)
  • 'From Humean Truthmaker Theory to Priority Monism', Nous, Vol. 44, No. 1, p178-198, (2010)

See Ross' personal page for full publication details.

Downloadable versions of papers freely available via White Rose Research Online