Rev Kevin Ward

Rev Kevin Ward

Senior Lecturer in African Religious Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3641

Summary: Protestant Christian ecumenical cooperation in colonial Kenya. History and spirituality of the East African Revival movement, church-state relations in Uganda.

Research Interests

Dr Ward did his original research in Kenya, examining the problems of Protestant Christian ecumenical cooperation in colonial Kenya.

He has continued to have a strong interest in East Africa, focusing on the history and spirituality of the East African Revival movement, church-state relations in Uganda, and the religious basis of conflict in Uganda.

He has written on issues of sexuality in an African context, particularly in the light of the present Anglican crisis over homosexuality and he recently completed a book for Cambridge University Press, A History of the World Anglican Communion.

His next major project is to write a History of the Ruanda Mission, an Anglican missionary society working in Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Uganda.


Born in Leeds, Kevin studied history at Edinburgh and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He spent twenty years working in East Africa, as a teacher and theological educator.

He is a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, representing the Northern Universities.


  • Varieties of Religion in Modern African Society
  • African Traditional Religion
  • Violence, Civil Society and Religion in Uganda
  • Race and Religion in Southern Africa: Apartheid and its Aftermath
  • Religion, Theology and Development Issues.

Dr Ward is research postgraduate tutor.


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