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Aydin Bayram, PhD Theology and Religious Studies

Aydin tells us about life as a PhD student and the opportunities to participate in the research culture
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Yahya Birt, PhD Candidate

I am undertaking doctoral research on the social and intellectual history of postwar British Muslim activism, c.1960–c.1997.
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Riva Black, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Riva talks about her favourite module 'Theology and Ethical Theory' and about the independence she has gained whilst studying at Leeds.
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James Blackhall, MA Theology and Religious Studies

James completed his undergraduate degree at Leeds and decided to apply for an MA here too.
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Kristi Boone, PhD Student

How does the influence of Christian religious values on American foreign policy, as executed by the President and other state actors, largely escape scrutiny by the media
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Hollie Bradley, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2010)

Recent graduate Hollie tells us about her experience studying Theology and Religious studies at Leeds and how it exceeded her expectations.
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Jo Bryant, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2012)

Undergraduate research scholar Jo talks about her Alumni funded research project that gives her a more hands-on understanding of Religion in Modern Britain. Profile given when Jo was a student.
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Mikel Burley, Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy

+44 (0)113 343 7504

Philosophy of religion; religious ethics; comparative and cross-cultural philosophy and religion; South Asian religious and philosophical traditions (esp. Hindu and Buddhist); Wittgenstein
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Jamys Carter, PhD

Having completed a Masters by Research on the topic of Women in ministry in a UK Pentecostal movement, I am exploring this further with a PhD, especially considering Pentecostal hermeneutics.
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Anthea Colledge, PhD Student

Intersecting identities: theological and biomedical narratives of biographical disruption and recovery among those with lived experience of Christianity and mood disorders.
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Nina Collins, Lecturer for Judaism and Modern and Classical Hebrew

Judaism and Modern and Classical Hebrew
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Mark Dawson, PhD Student

Researching church action on Fair Trade as a form of Public Theology. Examining both the 'public' nature of the action and the theology of the churchgoers who take part.
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Philip Drake, PhD Student

Living the boundaries: an exploration of the impact of ecclesiological, cultural and personal boundaries on church mission and ministry
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Emma Eaton, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Emma enjoys the diversity of TRS at Leeds and the ability to tailor it to her interests. She hopes to become an RE teacher and will gain vital experience from the 'Students into Schools' module.
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Keith Elliott, Emeritus Professor of New Testament textual criticism

Emeritus Professor of New Testament textual criticism
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Hollie Gowan, PhD student

The construction of gender roles and relationships in faith-based organisations in China: An examination of their impact upon women's agency and social engagement
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Charity Hamilton, PhD Student

Redeeming God: Can the female body as metaxu enable 'Godding' that is redemptive of incarnation?
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Sam Hunter, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2015), MA Theology and Religious Studies (2016)

Sam wanted to continue his studies at Leeds after completing his undergraduate degree, so applied for an MA course to continue with his interest in contemporary Paganism.
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Shabana Jabbar, BA Theology and Religious Studies (1998)

Shabana is now a Religious Studies subject leader and talks about how her degree has helped her in her job. She also works as a mentor for undergraduate students.
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Kenneth Macdonald, School Manager, The School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

+44 113 343 6746

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science Manager
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Alistair McFadyen, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology

+44 (0)113 34 33653

Theological anthropology, sin; theology and public life; policing, religion and theology; theology, religion and sexual exploitation of children; feminist theology.
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Seán McLoughlin, Professor of the Anthropology of Islam (Muslim Diasporas)

Tel. +44 (0)113 343 3643 Twitter @LeedsUniHajjRes

Anthropology and Sociology of Islam and Muslim Diasporas. Muslims in Britain and Europe. Migration, Diaspora, Transnationalism, Pilgrimage. Culture, Religion, Ethnicity, Identity Politics, the State.
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Philip Mellor, Professor of Religion and Social Theory

+44 (0)113 343 3507

Religion in social and cultural theory; embodiment, Christian theology and sociology; Durkheimian studies; problems of theory and method in the study of religion.
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Jo Merrygold, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Third year student Jo talks about her passion for TRS at Leeds and how the research in the School is exciting for her studies. Jo in now a PhD student at the University of Sheffield.
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Sarah Mirfield, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2010)

Sarah graduated in 2010 and tells us her experiences of studying Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds and her plans to become a primary school teacher.
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Timothy Mortimer, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2010)

Tim completed his undergraduate degree in 2010 and is know studying for his MA in Religion and Public Life. Here he talks about using his undergraduate degree in his work for Childreach International.
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Rachel Muers, Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies

+44 (0)113 343 6748

Modern Christian thought; feminism, gender and theology; theological ethics, especially intergenerational responsibility and environment; Quaker theology.
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Karis O'Leary-Smith, MA Religion and Public Life (2013)

Karis studied BA Theology and Religious Studies here before starting her MA Religion and Public Life. Read her story to find out more about life in the School and the opportunities available.
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Victoria Omotoso, BA Music and Theology and Religious Studies

International student Victoria studies TRS and Music. She talks about the different opportunities available to students at Leeds and why she is looking forward to her dissertation.
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Kayleigh Pickard, MA Religious and Development Studies

Recent graduate Kayleigh tells us why she chose to study at Masters level and how she found the experience.
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Mel Prideaux, Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Teaching and Scholarship)

+44 (0)113 3430461

Interfaith dialogue; Muslim-Christian relations; Religion and Public Life in the UK; Fieldwork in Religious Studies; Student Education in Religious Studies
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Sofia Rehman, PhD Candidate

My doctoral research is a critical study of the hadīth canon, centring around the statements of Ā'isha correcting other Companions, as recorded by Imām al-Zarkashi.
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Leah Rhodes-Valery, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2013)

Leah graduated in the summer of 2013 and is now working for Leeds City Council as a project support officer in Human Resources. Read about why she thinks her degree is invaluable for her role.
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John Roberts, BA Theology and Religious Studies

John particularly enjoys his course because of the opportunities it gives him to study new religions. He also makes use of the Language Centre to follow his interest in learning language.
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Anastasia Philippa Scrutton, Associate Professor in Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy of religion, religion and mental health, philosophy of emotion, philosophy of psychiatry, indigenous religions, new religious movements
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Scott Shalkowski, Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)113 34 33280

Metaphysics; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophical Logic; Modality; Scientific/Religious Rationality; Realism/Anti-realism.
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Jasjit Singh, Research Fellow

0113 343 0692

Dr Jasjit Singh's research focuses on processes of religious and cultural transmission in the lives of British South Asians, in particular British Sikhs.
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Elizabeth Sirriyeh, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3651

Islamic Studies, especially Sufism and Islamic reform, dreaming and dream interpretation in Islam, religion in Ottoman Syria.
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Stefan Skrimshire, Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies

Political Theology, Ethics, Continental Philosophy, Apocalypse in Religion and Political Culture, Eschatology in Christian Doctrine and Western Philosophy, Climate Change and Political Activism.
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Jonathan D Smith, PhD Student

+44 (0)790 325 9913

I am researching faith-based development organisations in the Middle East, their interactions with local communities, and their effect on Muslim-Christian relations.
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Barbara Spensley, Visiting Lecturer in Biblical and Patristic Studies

Visiting Lecturer in Biblical and Patristic Studies
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Caroline Starkey, Teaching Fellow

+44 (0)113 3437454

Caroline is a Teaching Fellow and joined the School in 2015. She is a sociologist of religion whose research is concerned with religion in contemporary Britain, particularly Buddhism.
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Johanna Stiebert, Professor of Hebrew Bible

+44 (0)113 343 7454

Emotion terminology of the Hebrew Bible; ideological sub-texts of prophetic Hebrew Bible literature; father-daughter relations; reading Hebrew Bible texts in the light of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
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Emma Tomalin, Professor of Religion and Public Life

+44 (0)113 343 3658

Gender and Religion; Religion and Development; Religion and Environmentalism; Buddhism and Hinduism; South and South-East Asia
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Stephen Turnbull, School of Theology and Religious Studies

Stephen talks about his aim to publish 100 books and explains where his interest in Japanese culture and religion stemed from!
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Adriaan van Klinken, Associate Professor of Religion and African Studies

+44 (0)113 34 33646

Religion and public life in contemporary Africa; religion, gender and sexuality in Africa; contemporary African Christianities and theologies
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Kevin Ward, Senior Lecturer in African Religious Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3641

Protestant Christian ecumenical cooperation in colonial Kenya. History and spirituality of the East African Revival movement, church-state relations in Uganda.
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Mark Wynn, Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy of religion; philosophical study of religious practice; philosophy, religion and place; religion and emotion; philosophy and the spiritual life; medieval philosophy and theology
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