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Research Postgraduate students

Sitara Akram, PhD Candidate

I am currently undertaking research in Islamic finance with the aim of developing a definition of riba (interest or usury on loans).
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Bashar Almaani, PhD Student

I am doing my PhD under the supervision of Dr Sameh Hanna. I am trying to investigate the translation of conceptual metaphor in the speeches delivered by king Abdullah II.
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David Harrison

David Harrison is currently researching Arab diaspora identity: the Liverpool-Yemeni community and their relationship with Yemen, Liverpool, Islam and the wider Muslim community.
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Mahboob Hussain, PhD Candidate

PhD in Jewish Anecdotes in Qur’ānic Exegesis with particular focus on controversial narratives regarding Biblical prophets mentioned in Sunni, Shia and Mu’tazila Exegesis.
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Saussan Khalil, MAR Candidate

Saussan tells us about her motivation for undertaking an MA by Research; and what life is like living and studying in Leeds.
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Farasat Latif, PhD Student

My thesis examines the narrative representation of succession to the Prophet Muhammad in a number of early medieval historical texts.
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Sanah Mehnaz, BA Islamic Studies, MA Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (2015)

Sanah talks about the broad range of topics that were available to her at Leeds during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
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Sofia Rehman, PhD Candidate

My doctoral research is a critical study of the hadīth canon, centring around the statements of Ā'isha correcting other Companions, as recorded by Imām al-Zarkashi.
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