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Parveen Akhtar, BA (Hons) Arabic and Islamic Studies (2014)

Mature student Parveen chose her course because of her 'love of the Arabic language' and her desire to 'understand important Islamic texts'. She is now looking forward to starting an MA in translation
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Sitara Akram, PhD Candidate

I am currently undertaking research in Islamic finance with the aim of developing a definition of riba (interest or usury on loans).
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Bashar Almaani, PhD Student

I am doing my PhD under the supervision of Dr Sameh Hanna. I am trying to investigate the translation of conceptual metaphor in the speeches delivered by king Abdullah II.
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Fozia Bora, Lecturer in Middle Eastern History and Islamic History

+44 (0)113 343 3416

Arabic history and historiography; Arabic archives; Arabic codicology; medieval Islamic institutions of learning; Islam and gender; history of the modern Middle East
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James Dickins, Professor of Arabic

+44 (0)113 343 1311

Arabic linguistics; Arabic language pedagogy; Arabic/English translation; Arabic dialectology (especially Sudanese Arabic); functionalist linguistics
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Nadia El-anis, MA by Research: Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies

Nadia tells us about her motivation for undertaking an MA by Research and her passion for Islamic studies.
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Hanem El-Farahaty, Lecturer in Arabic/English Translation and Interpreting

0113 343 3593

Applied linguistics; English/Arabic translation studies; legal translation; critical discourse analysis; comparative linguistics
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Ahmed Elgindy, Teaching Fellow of Arabic

0113 343 9116

Translation of Islamic political discourse; Sociology of translation; Arabic as a foreign language
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Skye Ferguson, BA Arabic and Spanish (2011)

Recent graduate Skye tells us why she chose to combine Spanish and Arabic at Leeds, about her year living and studying in Cairo and the aspects of the course that she really enjoyed.
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Vahideh Golzard, Part-time Lecturer in Persian

Persian language and culture; Persian-English interpretation; Women and Cyberspace in Iran
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Husam Haj Omar, Visiting Research Fellow

English/Arabic translation studies; discourse analysis; Arab media and society; Arabic language and linguistics; politics, media and language; literary translation; teaching Arabic as second language
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Sameh Hanna, Lecturer in Arabic Literature and Translation; Director of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

+44(0)113 343 9111

History of translation in the Arabic tradition; Literary and theatre translation; Sociology of translation; Shakespeare in modern Arab culture; translation and religion
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David Harrison

David Harrison is currently researching Arab diaspora identity: the Liverpool-Yemeni community and their relationship with Yemen, Liverpool, Islam and the wider Muslim community.
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Juvaria Hassan, MA Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (2015)

Juvaria completed her undergraduate degree at Leeds before returning to study for a Masters. She talks about the extra activities and events that were available to her whilst she was here.
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Mahboob Hussain, PhD Candidate

PhD in Jewish Anecdotes in Qur’ānic Exegesis with particular focus on controversial narratives regarding Biblical prophets mentioned in Sunni, Shia and Mu’tazila Exegesis.
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Tajul Islam, Lecturer in Islamic Studies; Co-Director of the Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

0113 34 33424

Islamic theology; Quranic studies; Hadith studies; contemporary sectarian polemics
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Saussan Khalil, MAR Candidate

Saussan tells us about her motivation for undertaking an MA by Research; and what life is like living and studying in Leeds.
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Ruba Khamam, Lecturer in Arabic and Translation

0113 343 0478

Inter-cultural Pragmatics, Linguistic (Im)Politeness,Teaching and Learning Arabic as a Second Language, Applied Linguistics, and English/Arabic/English Translation.
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Sam Knight, BA Arabic and French (2012)

Arabic and French graduate Sam Knight talks about his study abroad in Morocco and France, and about life after graduation - with some advice for future students.
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Hendrik Kraetzschmar, Associate Professor in the Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa; Director of MA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

+44(0)113 343 3423

Authoritarianism and democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa, with focus on civil society, party and electoral politics
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El Mustapha Lahlali, Associate Professor in Arabic and Media Director of Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3427

Arab media and society; discourse analysis, classroom interaction and pedagogy; English and Arabic stylistics; Critical Discourse Analysis and media texts; political discourse
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Farasat Latif, PhD Student

My thesis examines the narrative representation of succession to the Prophet Muhammad in a number of early medieval historical texts.
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Beatrice Martinelli, BA Arabic and English

Find out how Beatrice spent her year abroad in Morocco and her plans for when she graduates
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Sanah Mehnaz, BA Islamic Studies, MA Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (2015)

Sanah talks about the broad range of topics that were available to her at Leeds during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
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Gianmarco Morassutti Vitale, BA Arabic and Politics (2014)

Gianmarco talks about life and his career after graduation.
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Rebecca Morcos, BA Arabic and Classical Literature

Find out why the open day made Rebecca apply to Leeds and her top tips for new students.
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John Moreton, Part-Time Language Tutor (Arabic & Turkish)

Arabic-English translation; teaching Arabic and Turkish as foreign languages; the diglossia problem in Arabic teaching; Turkish linguistics, history and culture.
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Chris Neil, MA Translation Studies (Arabic) (2012)

I joined the British Council graduate scheme on a role in Libya.
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Pardeep Nijjar, BA Arabic and International Relations

Pardeep spent his year abroad in Morocco and shares his experiences of studying a joint honours degree at Leeds.
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Olivia Ogilvie, BA Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (2013)

Olivia graduated in 2013 and now works in the United Arab Emirates.
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Natalie Plowman, BA Arabic and Italian (2015)

Arabic and Italian graduate Natalie talks about her time at Leeds.
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Hamzah Potia, BA Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (2010)

Recent graduate Hamzah tells us his favourite part of his degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies and his career plans now he has graduated.
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Paul Raymond, BA Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (2008)

Paul talks about how learning Arabic helped him secure a job in journalism.
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Timothy Reece, Undergraduate Research Scholar: BA Middle Eastern Studies

Undergraduate Research Scholar Timothy tells us about his project researching radicalism among Iraqi refugees.
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Sofia Rehman, PhD Candidate

My doctoral research is a critical study of the hadīth canon, centring around the statements of Ā'isha correcting other Companions, as recorded by Imām al-Zarkashi.
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Abdul B Shaikh, Teaching Fellow in Islamic Studies

Arab and Islamic history and civilization; Abrahamic faiths, theology and philosophy; Judaism and Christianity
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Mustapha Sheikh, Lecturer in Islamic Studies; Co-Director of the Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

+44 (0)113 343 3422

Islamic legal theory and theology; Muslim reformist thought; Islamic Finance
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Rex Smith, Visiting Professor

Arabic language, Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic; Literary Mixed Arabic; the history and culture of medieval southern Arabia; the Arabs and Europe in the Middle Ages, using both Arabic and Latin sources.
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Rasha Soliman, Lecturer in Arabic Language

+44 (0)113 343 9826

Teaching Arabic as a Second Language (TASL); Applied Linguistics; Arabic Sociolinguistics; Curriculum Design; Language learning needs and attitudes; Dialectology and Mutual Intelligibility.
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Lucy Tasker, Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies

Lucy tells us about good times spent overseas and here in Leeds.
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Katarina Valachova, BA Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (2014)

Slovak student Katarina joined the University in 2010 and describes her year abroad in Egypt as an amazing experience.
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Joy Walker, BA Arabic and Spanish

Joy explains why her year abroad in Cairo was an adventure and the best thing about Leeds University.
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Janet C.E. Watson, Leadership Chair for Language at Leeds

+44 (0)113 343 7069

Documentation of Modern South Arabian languages; Arabic dialectology; phonology; morphology; acoustic and instrumental phonetics
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Robert Wilson, BA Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (2014)

Robert talks about the diverse range of modules that were available for his undergraduate degree.
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