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Academic & Teaching staff

Kweku Ampiah, Associate Professor of Japanese Studies

I am a political economist with expertise in Japanese diplomacy and foreign policy. My research interests include Japanese diplomacy in the 1950s, and Japan’s relations with Africa.
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Sarah Dodd, Lecturer in Chinese Studies


Contemporary and classical Chinese fiction; science fiction and fantasy; Chinese cinema; translation
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Caroline Fielder, Lecturer in Chinese Studies

0113 343 4403

Religion in contemporary China, especially faith based organisations; civil society; charity and philanthropy; volunteering; citizenship education
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Irena Hayter, Lecturer in Japanese Studies

+ 44 (0) 113 343 3415

The literary and visual cultures of Japanese modernity and their politics, especially during the interwar years; Japanese film; gender and sexuality; the body and the senses; critical theory
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Ruru Li, Professor of Chinese Theatre Studies. (Retired from teaching but continuing in research capacity).

Tradition and innovation: performance of Beijing Opera; comparative theatre: traditional and modern theatres in China and Western theatre; intercultural performance art
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Kazuki Morimoto, Associate Professor in Japanese

+44 (0)113 343 3561

I have been teaching Japanese to all year levels at the University of Leeds since 2005. I am also the Japanese Year Abroad Tutor and responsible for the pre-departure guidance & pastoral care in Japan
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David Pattinson, Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature; Director of East Asian Studies; Programme Manager for Chinese

0113 3433468

Bees and beekeeping in Chinese culture before 1900; Letter writing and collections in China, especially late Ming and early Qing; Social networks in late imperial China, especially in Jiangxi.
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Ying Peng, Teaching Fellow in Chinese

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language; language teaching curriculum & pedagogy; assessment (washback effects); student-centred learning & learner autonomy; study abroad.
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Caroline Rose, Professor of Sino-Japanese Relations

+44 (0)113 343 3471

Contemporary Sino-Japanese relations; nationalism in China and Japan; Sino-Japanese reconciliation; history and citizenship education in China and Japan; Japan's foreign policy
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Martin Seeger, Associate Professor of Thai Studies


History of Buddhism in Thailand; contemporary movements in Thai Buddhism and their relations to society, politics and the economy; disputes on Buddhist doctrines in Thailand
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Adcharawan Seeger, Teaching Fellow in Thai Language and Culture Thailand Year Abroad Coordinator

+44 (0)113 343 6537

She has been teaching Thai language and culture to all levels at the University of Leeds since 2006, and she is also a Thai Year Abroad Tutor.
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Timothy Thurston, Lecturer in Chinese Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3462

Chinese and Tibetan oral traditions, Chinese ethnic minority experience in contemporary China, Folkloristics, language and society, popular culture
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Frances Weightman, Associate Professor of Chinese Studies

Chinese fiction and authorial identity; literary translation and publication; authorial prefaces and paratexts; seventeenth-century classical Chinese tales; dissent.
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Lan Yang, Lecturer in Chinese

Stylistics and linguistic criticism on literature; applied linguistics; teaching Chinese as a second language; Chinese literature and language of the Cultural Revolution
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Heather Xiaoquan Zhang, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies

+44 (0)113 3433497

Socio-economic and human development in China and Southeast Asia (Vietnam); global-local linkages and the impact of globalisation on local development
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