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Research Postgraduate students

Chiara Fiorentini, Research Postgraduate Student

Born in Florence (Italy), I studied and I graduated in cinema at the University of Bologna. I'm the editor of a cinema webzine and the Film Department Director of Ozu Film Festival.
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Rachel Johnson, PhD Researcher in Italian Cinema

Italian cinema; film festivals; political cinema; ideology; psychoanalysis; discourse analysis; aesthetic theory; artistic legitimation
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Maddalena Moretti, PhD Researcher in Italian Literature


Pier Paolo Pasolini; Dante Alighieri; intertextuality; multilingualism
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Laura Lucia Rossi, PhD student in Italian

literary theory; 19th-20th century novel; narratology; literary nonsense; the comic; reader's response theory; reader in the text; combinatory literature; metafiction; self-reflexivity in the novel;
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Abigail Rowson, Research Postgraduate

Theologians as characters in Dante's Commedia (supervised by Prof Claire Honess and Dr Matthew Treherne)
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Clara Stella, PhD student in Italian

History of the book; Sixteenth-century anthologies ; Renaissance literature; Women and Gender Studies; The history of the circulation of texts; Lodovico Domenichi
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