Emeritus Professor Brian Richardson

Emeritus Professor Brian Richardson

Emeritus Professor of Italian Language

Summary: The late Middle Ages and Renaissance; the history of the Italian language; the history of the circulation of texts


I held a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship from 2005 to 2008, working on the circulation of literature in Renaissance society with particular reference to manuscripts and the spoken or sung word. In 2009 I was co-investigator in a Workshops project, supported by the AHRC, on Scribal Culture in Italy, 1450-1650. I gave the Panizzi lectures for 2012 at the British Library on the topic of Women, Books and Communities in Renaissance Italy (podcasts here). In 2011-15 I was principal investigator of a project, funded by the European Research Council, entitled Oral Culture, Manuscript and Print in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700. I was elected as a Fellow of the British Academy in 2003.

Selected recent publications

Monographs and editions

Articles and essays

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