Muhamad Alif Haji Sismat

Muhamad Alif Haji Sismat

PhD student

Summary: Arabic linguistics; translation pedagogy; second language acquisition; computer-assisted translation; machine translation.


My research


My PhD focuses on the use of translation technologies (computer-assisted translation tools and machine translation systems) and their impact on the performance of non-native speakers of Arabic and English. Therefore, my research analyses and compares the non-native speakers' performance with and without the translation technologies, in terms of quality and productivity. My thesis is entitled "Quality and productivity: A comparative analysis between human translation and post-editing with Malay learners of Arabic and English". To help me in my research, I am currently under the supervision of Dr Serge Sharoff who is specialised in computer-assisted language learning, and Dr Dragos Ciobanu who is specialised in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.


Academic background


I am originally from Brunei. I have always been interested in languages, cultures and technologies. In 2010, I completed my BA in Arabic language at University of Brunei Darussalam. Subsequently, I pursued my MA in applied translation studies here at University of Leeds and graduated in 2011.