Yu Yuan

Yu Yuan

Research Postgraduate Student

Summary: Corpus Linguistics; Machine Learning; Translation and Technology; Automatic Translation Quality Estimation; Applied Linguistics; Corpus-based Translation Studies

Location: Michael Sadler Building

Research Interest:

Corpus Linguistics

Language Technology and Translation Studies

Machine Learning Approach to Text Analysis

Applied Linguistics


Yu Yuan (袁煜) is Lecturer in EFL teaching at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. He is currently a PhD student in Translation Studies under the joint supervision of Dr. Serge Sharoff,and Dr. Bogdan Babych.

He works in the field of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing to apply machine learning techniques to automated evaluation of student translators' translations. His research is applying machine learning techniques to automatically predict the quality of human translations in terms of adequacy and fluency. Basically, the translation quality evaluation task in this research is viewed as an  estimation of the proximity to a limited number of the final results by human  evaluators in whatever scheme of scoring, and generalizes the estimation to  translations to be scored. This research comprises two major components: feature engineering and machine learning algorithm selection. The former is intended to extract quantifiable features at lexical, syntactic and discourse levels. The latter copes with training on a big partially human labeled data to predict the adequacy and fluency of any translations.

Education Background:

Oct. 2013 --                    University of Leeds                  PhD Candidate in Translation Studies

Sept. 2001 -- July 2004    Southwest Jiaotong University, M.A. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Sept. 1997 -- July 2001    Southwest Jiaotong University, B.A.  English

Refereed journal articles

(2014). Teaching Trainee Researchers the Hows: A Review of Methodology of Translation Studies: An Introduction, Shangdong Foreign Language Teaching, (2):109-112.

(2011). Using RegExes in Foreign Languages Research and Teaching, Software Guide, 10(1), 186-9.

(2010). Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology: A Philosophical Reflection on the School of Cultural Studies in Translation, Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University, 4(1), 75-80.

(2009). A Corpus-based Investigation into the Normalization in Chinese Translated Fiction, Journal of Yichun College, 31(5), 59-64.

(2008). On aesthetic reconstruction of the English translation of Chinese metrical poems, Journal of Chonqing Technology and Business University, 25(1), 129-34.

Conference Papers

(2012). Online Corpora and Meteorological Translation: Implication and Application. Nanjing Association of Young Scientific Translators. 25 December, Nanjing.

(2008). Universals of Translation: A Corpus-based Investigation of the Recurrent Features of Chinese Translated Fiction. Presented at the international symposium on Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies.25-27 September 2008, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou.