Dr Elisabetta  Adami

Dr Elisabetta Adami

University Academic Fellow in Multimodal Communication

Summary: Multimodality; digital media and texts; place semiotics; multimodal discourse analysis; non-verbal communication

Location: Parkinson Building room 2.33



I am a UAF in Multimodal Communication specialized in social semiotic multimodal analysis of digital texts especially for international communication purposes.

Background Information

Before coming to Leeds as UAF in Multimodal Communication, I worked as a research fellow in English Language and Translation at the University of Chieti-Pescara (2012-2015) and I held teaching positions at the University of Verona (2009-2012). I have participated in an ESRC/NCRM-funded project on Methodologies for Multimodal and Narrative Analysis of UK Food Blogs, based at the Institute of Education (University College London). I hold a PhD in English Language and Translation at the University of Verona and took a one-year Special Research Programme at the Institute of Education (UCL-London), with research on YouTube and mobile technologies.

Research Interests

My research adopts and develops a social semiotic multimodal approach for the analysis of representation, communication and language in digital environments. I am interested in the changing practices of multimodal communication, text production and translation in digital environments, their impact on habitus and literacy, and the related implications and applications for foreign language and translation teaching/learning.

My academic fellowship in Leeds is aimed at developing theories and methods for the analysis of intercultural multimodal digital sign-making. The work is intended to have applications for digital literacy in international communication and for translation training.

Selected Publications  

  • Adami, E. (forthcoming) ‘Multimodality’ in O. Garcia, N. Flores and M. Spotti (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Language and Society. Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Adami, E. (2015) ‘What’s in a click? A social semiotic multimodal framework for the analysis of website interactivity’, Visual Communication 14:2, 133-153
  • Adami, E. (2015) ‘What I can (re)make out of it: Incoherence, non-cohesion, and re-interpretation in YouTube video responses’, in M. Dynel and J. Chovanec (eds.) Participation in Public and Social Media Interactions, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 233-257
  • Adami, E. (2015) ‘Aesthetics and identity in digital texts beyond writing: A social semiotic multimodal framework’, in A. Archer and E. Breuer (eds.) Multimodality in Writing. The state of the art in theory, methodology and pedagogy, Leiden: Brill, 43-62
  • Adami, E. and G. Kress (2014) ‘Multimodality, Meaning-Making and the Issue of “Text”: An Introduction’, guest-editorial, Text & Talk 34/3, 231-238
  • Adami, E. (2014) ‘“Why did dinosaurs evolve from water?”: (in)coherent relatedness in YouTube video-interaction’, Text & Talk 34/3, 239-260
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