Saussan Khalil

Saussan Khalil

MAR Candidate

Summary: Saussan tells us about her motivation for undertaking an MA by Research; and what life is like living and studying in Leeds.

I am a British-Egyptian student. I studied at school in the UK and went to university in Egypt, before returning to the UK to work and for postgraduate study.

I taught Arabic as a foreign language for several years and realised there was huge demand for research in the field. I wanted very much to complement teaching Arabic with research, in order to understand my role as a teacher better as well as to better understand the state of the Arabic language in our present day.

I am bilingual and bicultural by background, and so I am naturally passionate about languages and wanted to pursue a career and course of study that would allow me to put my skills into use.

I have really enjoyed meeting the other postgraduate students - I have made some real friends. I have also enjoyed reading and researching in my area of interest.

Life at Leeds

I love Leeds! I had never so much as been up North for a visit so moving here 15 months ago was quite a lifestyle change - fortunately for the better. It has great shops, restaurants and people!

I was surprised at the facilities - everything you need is available, especially living in the city centre and being close to all the great shops and restaurants! It is also really good value for money so I can enjoy treats and going out.

There are great facilities all over campus. The best thing is that all of the University buildings are on one campus so it's easy to get around. I am a member of the Edge gym, which has great facilities and classes running all week. Outside of studying I work part time at the University and enjoy spending time with friends.

To anyone thinking of applying for the MA by Research: the course is very enjoyable if you like reading and independent learning - but you have to be very self-motivated to do it! Once I've finished my course I plan to go on and do a PhD - hopefully in the same field and with the possibility of teaching at the University too.

I would highly recommend Leeds as a city to study in and Leeds University as a great University with the student experience at the heart of its strategic mission.