Hind Alsiary

PhD student

Summary: Literary translation, translation of children's literature

In 2009 the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia provided me with the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in translation, and I searched for schools in the UK, a leader in postgraduate institutions. In September 2010, I enrolled in the master's program at the University of Salford Centre for Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies and enjoyed receiving methodological, practical and research training.

My master's dissertation, entitled Translating Culture-specific Terms in Literary Texts, was a descriptive study of the English translation of two Arabic novels, Season of Migration to the North and The Wedding of Zein. In the paper, I discussed various theoretical and translation issues.

After receiving my master's degree in September 2011, I decided to pursue a PhD at the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Leeds, which has an excellent reputation and great facilities for researchers. In March 2012, I was honoured to begin my PhD research under the supervision of Jeremy Munday, who has made great contributions to the field of translation studies, and Dr. Radia Kesseiri.

My research area lies at the junction of three fields: children's literature, translation and socio-cultural studies. I am focusing on the translation of the children's literature into Arabic, which is a relatively new field of study. I am particularly interested in exploring the impact of political, socio-cultural and ideological forces on the translation of children's books in the Arab world.

Being in the UK gave me the great opportunity to attend lectures and seminars on translation studies, for example the Research Models in Translation Studies II conference in 2011, which was hosted jointly by the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester and the Centre for Intercultural Studies at University College London.