Dr Sara Ramos Pinto

Dr Sara Ramos Pinto

Lecturer in Translation Studies; Director of Translation Studies


Summary: Audiovisual translation; theater translation

Location: Parkinson Building, office 1.18



I am currently a Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Leeds specializing in audiovisual translation. Before my current appointment, I held the position of Marie Curie ITN Post-doctoral Fellow in the project TIME (2011-2013), as well as teaching positions at the University of Manchester (2009-2011) and at the University of Kent (2008-2009). I hold a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Lisbon (2010) but during my doctoral studies, I was a visiting fellow at the University College London (2006-2009). Currently, I also collaborate with the Centre for Comparative Studies at the University of Lisbon in the context of the Translation Studies Research Group.

Parallel to my academic work, I am an experienced freelance translator in the areas of audiovisual translation, theatre translation and academic writing.


My research has been focused on audiovisual translation and theater translation as I am interested in investigating the construction of meaning in multimodal products. At the moment, I am particularly interested in examining the reception of subtitled products in order to better understand the impact of specific translation strategies in the audience. In this context, I am developing a series of empirical reception studies aiming at understanding the interplay between the different modes in the construction of meaning of subtitled products, testing current subtitling practices and exploring the possibilities brought by innovative practices of subtitling.

I also maintain a continued interest in linguistic variation and the challenges it brings to translation as well as news translation.


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