Marilena Di Bari

Marilena Di Bari

Research postgraduate student

Summary: Corpus linguistics, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, emotion analysis


In 2007 I took a Bachelor degree in "Linguistic Intermediation for the European Union" at the University of Bari (Italy), during which I studied English, Spanish and Russian languages and literatures, in addition to complementary subjects such as European Law, Economic History, History of Oriental Europe as well as Sociology, Sociolinguistics, Semiotics and Philology.

I then started a Masters in "Theory and Practise of Technical-scientific translation" at the same university, with specialization in the translation of English and Russian texts, Translation theory and methods, Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics. As part of my degree, I also had a compulsory internship in a translation agency.

Before the dissertation defence, in September 2009, I decided to participate in my university's Erasmus exchange with the university of Tartu (Estonia) for a period of six months to conduct my research and improve my knowledge of English and Russian. There I managed to meet some experts in Corpus Linguistics and Computational Linguistics and find interesting ideas to work on.

My MA thesis, entitled "Problems of cross-cultural communication: a corpus-based analysis of humility and smirenie" was my first attempt to employ computational linguistics techniques to test a theory derived from traditional approaches to intercultural communication, in particular theories about the importance of some keywords to understand and interpret a given reference culture.

In September 2010, immediately after finishing my MA studies, I successfully competed for joint British Council/Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs placement as Italian Language Assistant for a period of 9 months in Belfast (Northern Ireland).

In October 2011 I started a Ph.D. in Translation Studies at the University of Leeds, one of the leading centres of corpus linguistics research in the United Kingdom. Here I am working in the field of computational linguistics.

In the meanwhile, I also started teaching Italian part-time in the Italian Department and the Language Centre and coordinating the Language at Leeds PGR seminar series, which draws together postgraduate students from across the University and acts as an intellectual forum for those students in disciplines where language and linguistics are central to their research.

I am also a co-editor of the Leeds working papers in Linguistics and Phonetics

Current Research Project

My Ph.D. research aims at finding an integrated approach, which links both linguistic analysis and automatic tools in order to conduct sentiment and emotion analysis into English, Russian and Italian. Sentiment analysis aims to analyse people's opinions, attitudes, appraisals towards products, individuals or any other topic.

You can find more details in my personal webpage

I have been awarded with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures Postgraduate Bursary, providing tuition fees deduction.

My supervisor is Dr. Serge Sharoff, who has already worked on semi-automatic acquisition of representative corpora from the web in several languages and whose general interests are in contrastive semantics, corpus linguistics and computational linguistics.

My co-supervisor is Dr. Martin Thomas, who has dealt with localization between English and Chinese, as well as collection and annotation of data and cross-cultural contrastive analysis.