Dr Thomas Hancocks

Dr Thomas Hancocks

Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Applied Ethics

0113 343 5568

Summary: Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Applied Ethics, PhD alum

Location: Room 1.05, 17 Blenheim Terrace.



I recently completed my PhD at the University of Leeds. My thesis concerned the morality of transitional justice, and developed an account of the moral principles that states should adopt in the process of transition from authoritarian rule to democracy. It then illustrates how these moral principles inform our understanding of the rule of law, war crimes trials and post-war punishment, law-making and state legitimacy.

At present, my research is concerned with core problems at the intersection of ethics and the law. This includes the problem of political legitimacy and the legitimacy of law-making, the concept of the rule of law, the role that democracy plays in legitimising the state (and its laws) and the problem of justifying legal punishment.

I have broader research interests in topics around jurisprudence, political philosophy, democratisation, transitional justice and applied ethics. 


Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Legitimacy [Forthcoming 2018 in edited collection 'Transitional justice in challenging societies', eds. Aleksandar Fatic and Klaus Bachmann, to be published by Rowman and Littlefield].

See here for an earlier presentation of the above paper at the 'Transition Without Justice' conference in Belgrade, Serbia. 

See here for a blog entry on Transitional Justice and the Value of Freedom.

Public engagement

See here for my reflections on the judicial reforms in Poland in The Conversation.


I teach applied and professional ethics in modules for Business, Chemistry, Environment and Engineering students.