Gary Rubin

Gary Rubin

MA Applied and Professional Ethics (2014)

Summary: I loved the course. It really did change the way I think and it gave me new skills in terms of critical thinking and many others.

I am already using them in my work as a financial advisor and so far I’ve found it to be very beneficial to me. I studied online and thought it was great because the instructors were very responsive, the content was excellent and it was very challenging. I’m sorry that the programme had to come to an end.

Gary won the Institute of Business Ethics student competition in business ethics for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. His essay was titled "Does the Fact the Financial Sector is Heavily Regulated Leave Any Place for Ethics?" A link to the video presentation can be found here.

Gary Rubin, has been published in Business and Society Review on "Advisers and the Fiduciary Duty Debate". A link to the article can be found below.