Kevin Macnish

Kevin Macnish

Visiting Research Fellow

Summary: Former Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Applied Ethics; PhD alum

Location: IDEA Centre


Kevin's research is in the ethics of surveillance, security and technology. He is the author of numerous articles on surveillance ethics and has organised two international conferences on this subject at the University of Leeds. Kevin has been interviewed by BBC national radio and television and the Atlantic magazine, and has spoken at both the House of Commons and the House of Lords in relation to his research.  A witness to the Select Committee on Science and Technology, he was quoted several times in the committee's final report on social media and data analysis.

Kevin also conducts ethical analysis for security and ICT projects. He has been involved with a number of European Union FP-7 projects and is an independent Ethics Expert with REA, the research arm of the European Commission, for Horizon 2020 projects.

Research interests

Applied ethics in the areas of: surveillance, security, technology, social media; professional ethics in computing and engineering

Kevin tweets about surveillance, privacy and security as @KMacnish.

Select Publications


  • Macnish, K. (2017) The Ethics of Surveillance: an introduction. Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
  • Macnish, K. (2015) An Eye for an Eye: Proportionality and Surveillance. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 18(5)
  • Macnish, K. (2014) “The Ethics of Social Networks and Mining,” in R. Alhajj & J. Rokne, eds. Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, Springer
  • Macnish, K. (2014) Just Surveillance? Towards a Normative Theory of Surveillance. Surveillance and Society. 12(1), 142–153
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