Dr Rob Lawlor

Dr Rob Lawlor


+44 (0)113 343 7797

Summary: Rob divides his time between undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the development of teaching materials, and applied ethics research.


Rob's undergraduate teaching primarily involves Nanotechnology and Engineering (including Product Design and Aviation) . At postgraduate level, he is involved in the MA in Biomedical and Health Care Ethics (online and campus), the MA in Applied and Professional Ethics (online), PhD supervision, and the Faculty of Engineering’s Doctoral Training in Low Carbon Technologies .

Rob joined the Centre (as a research fellow) in 2005 after completing his PhD, ”Gradability in Ethics”, at The University of Reading. Prior to that he completed an MPhil in Philosophy at King’s College London and a BA in Philosophy, also at Reading. Between failing his A-levels and going to university as a mature student, he worked as a white van man in London.

Rob is currently leading an AHRC funded project on climate change, ethics and responsibility

Areas of work

  • Undergraduate teaching
  • Postgraduate teaching
  • Development of teaching materials
  • Applied ethics research

Research Interests

  • Normative and Applied Ethics
  • Exploitation
  • Climate change
  • Demandingness of Ethics (and gradability)
  • The structure of moral theories (and pro tanto considerations)

Selected publications

"Rob Lawlor's book is philosophically penetrating, innovative, well argued and well written. All students of consequentialism and deontology will have to read this book." - Brad Hooker.

"Rob Lawlor has produced an excellent book which should be of interest to anyone concerned with the nature of moral theories and the forms of explanation that they embody... This bare outline, though, does not convey what a splendidly rich source of ideas and arguments the book provides..." - Hugh Upton (Analysis)

  • "Organ Sales Needn't be Exploitative (but it matters if they are)" Bioethics, Volume 25, issue 5, 2011.
  • “The Rejection of Scalar Consequentialism”, Utilitas, volume 21, issue 1, 2009.
  • Taurek, Numbers and Probabilities”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 9: 149-166, 2006.
  • Luck, Evidence and War”, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 23, No. 3, 2006. Also reprinted in War, Torture and Terrorism: Ethics and War in the 21st Century, (Blackwells, 2007).