Rob Baker

Rob Baker

MA Applied and Professional Ethics (2012)

Summary: Rob graduated from the MA Applied and Professional Ethics in 2012.

What is your academic and professional background?

My background includes academic study in Linguistics (University of Reading) and Human Communication (University of London), research and teaching posts in Psychology (University of Stirling), Electronics and Information Engineering (University of Southampton) and the Education of Deaf Children (University of Leeds). I am a qualified teacher (Secondary English) with classroom experience mainly in Further Education. I currently work as the Dental Education Advisor at Leeds Dental Institute, in a role that includes curriculum support and development and student support. In the last 4 years I have worked closely with the IDEA Centre and with dental clinicians in Leeds on integrating professional ethics into the 5 year undergraduate degree programme, working with tutors from the Centre to implement a range of innovative learning and teaching approaches.

Why did you choose to study our MA in Applied and Professional Ethics?

There have been two converging motivations: organising and participating in ethics teaching for dental students has led me towards further study that is likely to reap benefits for my job role. At the same time exposure to the philosophy and pedagogy of the IDEA CETL has inspired me with a desire to study professional ethics in its own right for my own personal benefit.

What did you enjoy about the course?

The content and delivery of the online MA materials are superb, with reading and reflective questions that really foster engagement and create every opportunity to see the relevance to one’s own professional field. The coursework is at a suitable level of challenge for me. Trying to develop philosophical argument is entirely new to me and is requiring major overhauls of my planning and composition strategies.

Do you think that the course will help you in your career/professional life?

Without a doubt. I find it hard to imagine any occupation in which it wouldn’t be relevant, even solitary beachcombing (e.g. where did all this stuff come from, how was it produced, who does it rightfully belong to, what should I do with it now?).