Ross Pike

BA German and Russian B

Summary: Find out what Ross loved about the Brotherton library and his history fact about Hyde Park.

I decided to study at Leeds because it offered me the opportunity to study for an entire year in Russia and then also for a term in Germany. This amount of time abroad really appealed to me as I had started the course as a beginner and felt that studying in a foreign country would help with my language skills.

You hear all the time in first year that your marks don’t count but if you are doing languages the stuff that you learn in first year is really the basis for your next three years at university so it does matter! Don’t be scared of learning a language from scratch. It is really interesting learning a new language and it will open so many doors in your career and in life. It is hard to start off with but one day it will click, so don’t give up!

My plan is to spend a year in Germany and then a year in Russia maybe teaching English or working for a charity. After this I want to come back to Leeds to do a Masters in interpreting and translation.

I spent the whole of my second year at a university in Moscow studying Russian for foreigners for around 25 hours a week. I then spent the third term of my third year in Leipzig in Germany, for about five months, where I studied a number of courses at the university. I loved the opportunity to travel and so experience as many different aspects of the country’s culture as possible. In a year I made friends in Siberia and saw pilgrims praying in a wooden monastery. Your year abroad really allows you to experience things that you would never imagine.

The atmosphere at Leeds is really good; a mixture of fun and hard work. I also have a soft spot for the Brotherton Library; it just looks like how a library should – big and old, with lots of places where you can hide away. Russian at Leeds is really friendly so you get to know everyone. The tutors are supportive and over time you develop a proper grown-up relationship with them!

The cafes and bars in the Hyde Park area are really cool with great food at a reasonable price. The Indian restaurant in the middle of the park is my top tip!

Ross had now graduated from Leeds, read his alumni profile here.