Maryke Walraven

BA Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

Summary: Maryke shares her plans to move to South America when she graduates and what she thinks is the best thing about Leeds.

Why did you decide to study here?
I found that the university offered many opportunities to get involved in loads of different things. There are lots of facilities that can be used: language centre, gym, the libraries and the Union! Also Leeds is one of the few universities that allow students who study two languages on their degree course to take plenty of time overseas - a term and a year abroad.

What are your top-tips for new students?
My top three tips are:
(1) Figure out what societies and clubs you want to be involved in and join them!
(2) Make sure you explore the uni properly. Get to know where buildings and rooms are because that way you won’t get lost when your classes change location!
(3) Enjoy yourself! This is new, so take it in your stride and remember to smile!

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
My long term plan is to move to South America and become a teacher. We’ll see how I get there...

Where did you spend your year abroad?
I haven’t been on my year abroad yet, although I plan to go to Brazil to work in an orphanage.

What's the best thing about Leeds University?
In everything you get involved in, there is always somebody enthusiastic that you’ll really get on with. Whether its clubs, societies, the gym, or just in your course; students and lecturers are really friendly and happy to help!

What's the best thing about your course?
The variety of the things that we study, from history and politics to literature and grammar; it’s all included. All topics are taught by enthusiastic and easy going tutors so it makes it interesting! 

Give an example of one of your favourite things to do in Leeds.
During the day I enjoy going to the outdoor market in Leeds or taking a walk in the woods just behind my house. On a night I either go to Viva Latina for food or head to the latino bar in the centre.   

How is University different from 6th Form or College?
At uni you have so much more independence and can control how you learn! If you are enthusiastic you can get involved with so many different things and learn something new every day.