Miss Rachel Green

Miss Rachel Green

Research Postgraduate Student

Summary: Contemporary Austrian Cinema


My Research

My research explores the manner in which contemporary Austrian cinema revisits and renegotiates the Heimatfilm genre. More specifically, I am currently examining how contemporary debates surrounding globalisation and multiculturalism affect the concept of Heimat in my selected corpus of films. 

My research is generously funded by the AHRC

My Research Interests

Renegotiations of Heimat in recent German and Austrian film

Austrian dissent in the literature of Elfriede Jelinek, Ingeborg Bachmann, Robert Menasse and Thomas Bernhard

The Austrian family and domestic space as a site for national and international criticism in New Austrian Film

Transnational Austrian film 

About Me

After studying for a BA(Hons) in German Studies at the University of Nottingham, I went on to complete a Masters by Research in Post-Unification German Heimatfilm at the University of Leeds under the supervision of Professor Paul Cooke. I am now continuing my academic career at Leeds and am currently in the third year of my PhD.


FOAR2000- Curating a Film Programme at the Hyde Park Picture House.

MODL2230- From Film Noir to Asia Extreme: Questioning Genre in World Cinema.

GERM2050- Introduction to German Film. 


'Renegotiating the Heimat Myth in Thomas Arslan's Berliner Schule film, Ferien (2007)'

March, 2012. Subversion and Resistance in German Cinema Conference: The University of Leeds.

'Abusive Patriarchy in Barbara Albert's Nordrand (1999)'

July, 2013. German Screen Studies Network Symposium: King's College London. 

'Voyeur/Auteur: Addressing Recent Austrian Child Abuse Cases in Contemporary German and Austrian Film'

November, 2013. 'Taboos in Austria' Lunchtime Seminar: King's College London.

'Deconstructing the Austrian Heimat in Contemporary Austrian Film'

January, 2014. Domestic Imaginaries Conference: The University of Nottingham. 

'The Austrian Family and Domestic Space in New Austrian Film'

April, 2014. AGS: The University of Manchester.

'Deconstructing Heimat in Jessica Hausner's Lovely Rita (2001)'

June, 2014. [Dis]Connected Conference: The University of Leeds

'Deconstructing Heimat in Jessica Hausner's Lovely Rita (2001)'

July, 2014. 11th IBC Postgraduate Conference in Austrian Literature: The Institute of Modern Languages Research 

'Revisiting and Reconfiguring the Bergfilm in Julian Roman Pölsler's Die Wand (2012)'

September, 2014. German Screen Studies Network Symposium: The University of Leeds 

''Leichen im Keller': The Basement in Contemporary Austrian Film' 

April, 2015. CALFAC - The Contemporary Austrian, Literature, Film and Culture Conference: The University of Nottingham

Conferences Organised

Subversion and Resistance in German Cinema

March, 2012. The University of Leeds.

German Screen Studies Network Symposium - 'Translating Stars'

September, 2014. The University of Leeds. 

Widening Participation

Students as Scholars mentor. (2012-present)

Web video presentations on Das weiße Band (2009) and Die Welle (2008) recorded for the German Film Learning Initiative (GFLI). (July, 2013)

Project facilitator for the GFLI. (February 2013-2014)

Das Weiße Band presentation developed with the participation of students at Greenhead College, Huddersfield. (April, 2013)

Die Welle presentation and workshop developed for The University of Leeds 2013 Open Days. (September-October, 2013 and June, 2014)

Volunteer at Leeds International Film Festival. (November, 2013) 

Stilleben workshop developed for the sixth form engagement event: 'Dark Scenes from Contemporary Austria' at King's College London. (December, 2013)

Event facilitator and teacher for the Teaching German Film sixth form engagement event, which was developed as part of the Disconnected: The Spectre of German History project. (February, 2014)

Project and Training coordinator for the Spanish Film Learning Initiative (SFLI) and the French Film Learning Initiative (FFLI). (February 2014- present)

Web video presentation on Teaching Foreign Language Film recorded for the Languages for the Future Project. (May 2014)

Web video presentation on Todo Sobre Mi Madre (1999) recorded for the Languages for the Future Project. (June 2014)

World Cinemas taster session developed for the Linguastars sixth form event (July, 2014)

School Outreach events on La Haine (1995), Todo Sobre mi Madre (1999), Entre les murs (2008), and El Laberinto del fauno (2006) at Bradford Grammar School, The Grammar School at Leeds, Greenhead College and North Halifax Grammar School, organised, developed and delivered for the Languages for the Future Project. (January-March, 2015)

Postgraduate supervisor for the WW1 Through the Lens project in collaboration with the Hyde Park Picture House, the Legacies of War project and the Leeds Centre for World Cinemas. (September 2014-December 2015)

Postgraduate session leader at sixth form German Film Day at the University of Leeds (February, 2015) 

Postgraduate Representative for the GSSN. (September 2014-September 2015)

Education Outreach Fellow at the University of Leeds. (March 2014- present)

Schools Relationship Officer at CapeUK. (June 2015- present) 


Dr Chris Homewood (Primary Supervisor)

Prof. Paul Cooke (Co-Supervisor)