Siyuan Li

Siyuan Li

Ph.D. Researcher

Summary: China's Confucius Institute, International Language and Culture Promotion Organisations, Foucault's Conception of Power/knowledge, Power in International Relations


Ph.D. Research

China's Confucius Institute in the Discourse of Power in International Relations: A Case Study of The Confucius Institute in Africa


  • Dr Kweku Ampiah - East Asian Studies, University of Leeds
  • Dr Hinrich Voss - Centre for International Business, Leeds University Business School
  • Professor Evance Kalula - University of Cape Town (Fieldwork supervisor in Africa) 

Academic Funding and Projects

  • Special Entry Scheme Scholarship, Shaanxi Normal University & University of Leeds, 2009-2010
  • School of Languages, Cultures and Societies Postgraduate Bursary, University of Leeds, 2012-2015
  • AHRC White Rose Skills Development Project - Arts and Humanities Research Culture in China, 2013 
  • Universities' China Committee in London (UCCL) Research Grant, 2014
  • Translation Project for Chapter Soviet Experts in Shanghai: the Systematic Introduction of Stanislavsky into China. In: Stanislavsky in the World. Edited by Professor Jonathan Pitches and Dr Stefan Aquilina. 2014
  • AHRC/BA-funded "Staging China" Project Research Intern, University of Leeds, 2015  
  • Researcher Mobility Award, University of Leeds, Worldwide Universities Network, 2015 

Teaching Experience

  • MODL5012 Skills and Issues in Intercultural Studies.
  • EAST1602 The Asia Pacific Region since 1945
  • Tutor of Rixa, a series of elite interdisciplinary seminars run by top PhD students from all over the Faculty of Arts. 2013-2014 & 2014-2015

Other positions

  1. Representing China in 1940s America: Westernised Chinese vs. China Experts
  2. China's Aid and Soft Power in Africa: The Case of Education and Training 
  3. China's low carbon development: Challenge or opportunity for Europe

Conference presentations and papers

  • Li, Siyuan (2013) China’s Smart Application of National Power: An Example of China’s Confucius Institute in Africa. Presentation at the 22nd Annual Columbia Graduate Student Conference on East Asia. Columbia University, USA, February 15-16, 2013.
  • Li, Siyuan (2013) Confucius Institute in the Discourse of Power in International Relations. Presentation at the Rising Powers in the New Global Political Economy Conference. University of Nottingham, UK, July 2013
  • Li, Siyuan (2014) China’s Confucius Institute in Africa: A case of the Confucius Institute in Kenya. Presentation at the University of Leeds China Forum with Professor Kenneth King, University of Leeds, April 30, 2014.
  • Li, Siyuan (2014) China’s Confucius Institute in Africa. Presentation at the New Research in Language-Based Area Studies Post-Graduate Conference, University of Manchester, UK, March 2014
  • Li, Siyuan (2014) An Attempt to Understand Public Diplomacy in the Discourse of Power: Mainstream vs. Foucault. In: International Conference on Theory and Practice of China’s Public Diplomacy. University of Nottingham. July 11-12, 2014. 
  • Li, Siyuan (2015) Creating a Network of Power: Going-out Strategies of China's Confucius Institute. In: East Asia Research Collaboration Network - New Forms of Internationalisation. University of Hull, March 18, 2015
  • Accelerating the TICAD Initiative: A Policy Advisory Group Seminar Towards TICAD V, Strand Palace Hotel, London. Organized by Dr Kweku Ampiah, East Asian Studies Department, University of Leeds. Funded by JICA UK. January 2013
  • Language-Based Area Studies (LBAS), Advanced Training in Research Methods Conference, University of Glasgow, October 2012