Ioannis Papadopoulos

IMS PG Researcher

Summary: Thesis: The Idea of Rome in Late Antiquity, The Concept of Utopia in the Late Roman Empire, The Idea of the City - Public Space and the Sacred in Rome During Late Antiquity


As part of my BA at the University of Athens I submitted the following dissertations: One, on the representation of Christianity in the Philosophical History of Damascius, the last Head of the Academy of Athens in the 6th century AD, under the supervision of Professor Polymnia Athanassiadi. My second dissertation was on the legacy of Saint-Simonism and the role of History and Utopia in the development of the movement in 19th century France, under the supervision of Professor Antonis Liakos. The third one was on the Emergence and Development of Medieval Urban Guilds in 14th and 15th century France and Central Europe, under the supervision of Professor Nikoletta Giantsi. 
In the course of my MA at the University of Leeds.  I specialized in the Early Middle Ages, opting for courses on early monastic history and the end of Roman Britain.  In the former I wrote essays on the Lives of Aemilian of Cogolla and Fructuosus of Braga as evidence for the development of Visigothic Monasticism and the politics of monastic utopia in Chrodegang’s of Metz concept of the Hagiopolis.  In the latter I wrote on the evidence of Germanus and the history of Pelagianism in Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries, and the value of the Historia Brittonum for the historian of Dark Age Britain.  My MA dissertation was on Eugippius, Severinus and the Construction of a Monastic Ideal.


The object of study of my PhD is the Idea and the Image of Rome in the works of Pagan and Christian writers during the fourth and early fifth centuries AD. I studied the perceptions of patriotism among the Christian and Pagan Roman Aristocrats and Intellectuals and the Idea of Rome as an archetype of Utopia reflected in their works. Chronologically my research focuses on a period extended from the 350’s to the 430’s and I’m interested primarily about the City of Rome, Italy and secondly about the Western Mediterranean. 

Supervisor: Professor Ian Wood

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