Joshua Doble

Joshua Doble

History PG Researcher

Summary: Kenya and Northern Rhodesia's European settlers; decolonisation; social and political history of white settlement; race and gender; history of intimacy; history of emotions

Teaching Commitments: HIST1055 - The Mau Mau Emergency and Kenyan Independence


I completed my undergraduate History degree at the University of Leeds in 2010 before then studying an M.St at the University of Oxford in Global and Imperial History. After a few years away from academia I returned to Leeds in September 2015 to study a PhD project with the support of a White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities Doctoral Studentship. 

Research interests

I am researching the European settler community of Kenya and Northern Rhodesia/Zambia, mapping their changing political and social dynamics from 1960 into the postcolonial period. I am particularly interested in the development and articulation of British 'colonial' identity and its interaction with decolonisation. The changing nature of intimacy, and the emotional and psychological dimensions of decolonisation are a key aspect of this research.