Nicola Ginsburgh

PG Researcher

Summary: Zimbabwe; Settler Colonial History; Marxism; Whiteness


My Research

My PhD looks at white workers across the colonial period in Zimbabwe. It seeks to explore the ways in which trade unions have sought to present a collective identity for their membership and the processes of inclusion and exclusion that this entails. I am interested in the struggles over the racialisation and gendering of particular categories of work and analysing why these boundaries shifted over the colonial period. I am also concerned with cultural activities of trade unions, specifically, the ways in which culture can be seen as a site for political expression in terms of protest, resistance and contestation over representation.

I have situated my research within critical readings of Marxism, whiteness studies, gender studies and theories of settler colonialism. I have completed extensive fieldwork in Zimbabwe and South Africa and use a combination of archival and oral sources in my work.

About Me

I started my PhD in October 2013. I am funded by the ESRC White Rose Studentship. I previously completed an MA in Race and Resistance here at Leeds and wrote my dissertation on perceptions of racist violence in South Essex.


(with Will Jackson) ‘Settler Societies’ in Charles Ambler et al (eds.), The Blackwell Handbook to African History (Blackwell, forthcoming: 2016)

(Review) ‘Lise Vogel and the Politics of Women’s Liberation’, International Socialism, 144 (2014)

(Review) ‘”Chavs”, Class and Representation’, International Socialism, 136 (2012)

Seminar Papers

Depression in the Settler Colonial Context: The Responses of White Workers in 1930s Southern Rhodesia, Revisiting Capitalism and Africa: VAD Nachwuchstagung Berlin, July 2016

White Workers in Colonial Zimbabwe: Some Theoretical Considerations of Race, Class and Gender in Settler Societies, University of Zimbabwe, March 2015


HIST1055: Historiography and Historical Skills: 'Land and Race in Colonial and Postcolonial Zimbabwe’ strand

HIST1210: The Modern World


Will Jackson

Shane Doyle