Professor Malcolm Chase

Professor Malcolm Chase

Professor of Social History

+44 (0)113 34 33183

Summary: Professor of Social History

Location: Michael Sadler Building, 3.09

Teaching Commitments: HIST1055 Historiography & Historical Skills; HIST2121 Fraternity, Skill & the Politics of Labour, 1660-1870; HIST3300 Chartism; HIST3470 Memories


Recent Publications (from 2013) 

  • ‘An Overpowering “Itch for Writing”’: R.K. Philp, John Denman and the Culture of Self-Improvement’, English Historical Review, vol. 133 (April 2018), pp. 351-382
  • '“True Democratic Sympathy”: Charles Stubbs, Christian Socialism, and English Labour, 1863-1912', Labour History Review, 83:1 (April 2018)

  • 'Chartism in Huddersfield and its vicinity: the cultural dimension', in John A. Hargreaves (ed.), The Charter Our Right! Huddersfield Chartism Reconsidered (Huddersfield Local History Society, 2018), pp. 63-81

Principal Earlier Publications

  • (editor, jointly with Chris Shaw), The Imagined Past: History and Nostalgia, (Manchester University Press, 1989)
  • 'From millennium to anniversary: the concept of jubilee in late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England', Past and Present 129 (1990)

  • 'Out of radicalism: the mid-Victorian Freehold Land Movement', English Historical Review 106 (1991)

  • 'The implantation of working-class organisation on Teesside, 1830-74', Tijdschrift voor Sociale Geschiedenis 18/2 and 18/3 (1992) 

  • ‘“Nothing less than a revolution”: agricultural policy', in Labour's High Noon: The Government and the Economy, ed. J. Fyrth, (Lawrence & Wishart, 1993) 
  • editor, The Life and Literary Pursuits of Allen Davenport, with a Further Selection of the Author's Work (Scolar Press, 1994) 

  • (editor, jointly with Ian.Dyck), Living and Learning: Essays in Honour of JFC Harrison (Scolar Press, 1996) 

  • 'Republicanism: movement or moment?', in Republicanism in Victorian Society, eds D. Nash and A. Taylor, (Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2000)

  • Early Trade Unionism: Fraternity, Skill and the Politics of Labour( Aldershot : Ashgate, 2000). [2nd edition, London : Breviary, 2012] 

  • 'Heartbreak Hill: environment, unemployment and back to the land in inter-war Cleveland ', Oral History 28/1 (2000) 

  • ‘North Sea and Baltic: historical conceptions in the youth movement and the transfer of ideas from Germany to England in the 1920s and 1930s’, in Historikerdialoge: Geschichte, Mythos und Gedächtnis im deutsch-britischen kulturellen Austausch, 1750-2000. Eds: S. Berger, P. Lambert, P. Schuman (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht; Veröffentlichungen des Max-Planck-Institut für Geschichte [179], 2002)
  • '"Wholesome object lessons": the Chartist Land Plan in retrospect', English Historical Review 118 (2003)  

  • 'Building identity, building circulation: engraved portraiture and the Northern Star' in Papers for the People. Eds J. Allen and O. Ashton, (Merlin, 2005)

  • ‘ “A sort of Corporation (tho’ without a charter)’: the guild tradition and the emergence of British trade unionism’, Guilds and Association in Europe , 900-1900. Eds I. A. Gadd and P. Wallis (Centre for Metropolitan History/Institute for Historical Research, 2006) 

  • Chartism: A New History ( Manchester University Press, 2007)

  • 'Unemployment without protest: the ironstone mining communities of East Cleveland in the inter-war period', in Unemployment and Protest: New Perspectives on Two Centuries of Contention. Eds: M. Reiss, M. Perry (OUP 2010)