Dr Kate Dossett

Associate Professor of U.S. History

+44 (0)113 34 33288

Summary: Women and Gender History; U.S. History; African American History; The Harlem Renaissance; Black Theatre; Feminist Archives

Location: School of History, Michael Sadler

Postgraduate Supervision

I welcome research students interested in any aspect of gender and race in nineteenth and twentieth century U.S. history and American studies including: Women and Gender History, history of feminism; Black Internationalism; Black Radicalism; the Harlem Renaissance; American Communism, the New Deal and Black Theatre history. I an also interested in supervising research projects on the history of women, gender and sexuality in Britain and the history of feminist archives.

Research students

Adam Jones, Before Bolling: Segregated Education in Washington, D.C. 1950-1954

Owen Walsh: "Coloured Cosmopolitanism on the Pacific Coast, 1918-1941."

George Francis-Kelly: Black and Latino Grassroots Activism in Los Angeles, 1980-1996

Sabina Peck: Multiracial Activism around Reproductive Rights in America from the Second Wave of Feminism

Claire Martin: Constructing woman: medical discourse, popular culture and society in Britain 1870-1930

Danielle Sprecher: Fashion for the High Street: The Design and Making of Menswear in Leeds 1945-1980. (completed 2017. Danielle is curator of the Menswear Archive at the University of Westminster)

Gina Denton: Motherhood and Protest in the United States, 1960-1989 (Completed 2015: Gina is now a Lecturer in American History at the University of Leeds)

Tom Davies: Black and White Politics -The Federal Government and Black Power, 1960-1972 (completed 2014: Tom is now a lecturer at the University of Sussex)

Jonathan Wright: Farmers to the Front: Benjamin Tillman and the South Carolina Farmers' Movement (Completed 2014)

Daylin Myers: "The Development of a Religious Identity in Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Leeds and Chorley," (completed 2013)

Say Burgin: White Anti-Racism Organising in 1960s and 70s U.S. Social Movements (completed 2013: Say is now an Assistant Professor of History at Dickinson College, PA)

Julio Decker: The Immigration Restriction League and the Political Regulation of Immigration, 1894-1924 (completed 2012: Julio is now a Lecturer in U.S. History at Bristol University) 

Nicholas Grant: African Americans, Gender and the Global networks of Black Self-Determination, 1940-1960 (completed 2012: Nick is now a Lecturer in American Studies at the University of East Anglia)  

Lauren McCarthy: Recovering a Black American Tradition of Animal Advocacy