Dr Kevin Linch

Dr Kevin Linch

Associate Professor of Modern History

+44 (0)113 34 33584

Summary: War, society, and culture in Britain 1688-1840; Britain’s armed forces; conflicts in the long eighteenth century, especially the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Location: Michael Sadler building, 3.14

Teaching Commitments: HIST1210 The Modern World FOAR2000 Research Placement HIST3685 Georgians at War HIST5020M Making History: Archive Placement HIST5540M Defending the Nation

Postgraduate supervision and teaching

Research supervision

I welcome contact from applicants interested in researching British History 1715 to 1815, particularly:

  • Military history and relationship between government, society, and the armed forces
  • History of British 'identity' in this period
  • British history during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
  • The Peninsular War, 1807-1814
  • Local armed forces in the Eighteenth Century, such as fencibles, militia, yeomanry, and volunteers

Current research students

Recent students

MA teaching

My taught postgraduate teaching is focused mostly on the MA in Modern History:

  • Making History: archive collaborations. A new module for September 2016 in which students get to work with archives and heritage institutions in a work placement programme coupled with seminars. It encourages you to develop your awareness of the complex relationships between archivists and archives and how they create and shape history and heritage. Find out more about this module.
  • Defending the Nation: Britain during the French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars, 1793 to 1815 (HIST5540M). This module brings together existing but often disparate genres of History and my current research on individuals, identity, and the government's efforts to know better the country it was trying to defend. This module is offered as part of the MA in Modern History and the MA Social and Cultural History. You can view the reading list via the library website.