Dr Kevin Linch

Dr Kevin Linch

Associate Professor of Modern History

+44 (0)113 34 33584

Summary: War, society, and culture in Britain 1688-1840; Britain’s armed forces; conflicts in the long eighteenth century, especially the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Location: Michael Sadler building, 3.14

Teaching Commitments: HIST1210 The Modern World FOAR2000 Research Placement HIST3685 Georgians at War HIST5020M Making History: Archive Placement HIST5540M Defending the Nation

External collaborations

I welcome contact from individuals and organisations interested in British military history of the long eighteenth century. The details of military service in the period can be confusing, and I have helped family historians understand some records and the significance of what they have found.

Equally, I am also pleased to hear from researchers wanting to share information! To that end, I run the Redcoats website, an online community for those interested in the history of Britain's soldiers 1750-1815.

My work with external and non-academic partners has included:  

Work with the media

Academic consultant for the the BBC's iWonder timeline on the Duke of Wellington

An article for 'The Conversation' on mass mobilisation in Britain during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

A guest blog for ancesty.co.uk  on the Georgian Army

Work with archives

In 2015, I completed a project with The National Archives, Kew, exploring ways that British Army Officers can be explored and researched in the future. It explores the sources that TNA holds and provides a discussion of how archives can reconstruct the careers of individuals from their records.