Dr Kevin Linch

Dr Kevin Linch

Associate Professor of Modern History

+44 (0)113 34 33584

Summary: War, society, and culture in Britain 1688-1840; Britain’s armed forces; conflicts in the long eighteenth century, especially the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Location: Michael Sadler building, 3.14

Teaching Commitments: HIST1210 The Modern World FOAR2000 Research Placement HIST3685 Georgians at War HIST5020M Making History: Archive Placement HIST5540M Defending the Nation


I came to the University of Leeds in 1993 and graduated with a BA (Hons) in History in 1996. During my undergraduate degree I was able to further my interest in the Napoleonic Wars period by taking modules in 18th century literature and politics, America in the colonial period, Europe during the Enlightenment and Revolutionary Era, and a special subject on the French Revolution. My undergraduate dissertation combined all of these interests into a study of the response of East Sussex to the invasion crisis of 1803-1805, which won the Le Patourel prize for the best piece of original research.

Having looked into Britain during the Napoleonic War, I realised that there was much more to do on this subject so I stayed on at Leeds and undertook an MA by Research on the part-time military forces in the West Riding of Yorkshire between 1793 and 1814, and then moved onto a PhD study of the recruitment of the British Army during the Peninsular War period, funded by the AHRC. Since then, I have held various teaching  posts around the University both in and out of the School, until securing my current role in 2004. I am a fellow of The Higher Education Academy.