James Aitken

BA English Language and Literature

Summary: James Aitken talks about his experiences studying English at Leeds.

I came to Leeds with high expectations and I haven't been disappointed. Studying in the School of English here has been a fantastic experience.

The course has allowed me to choose from a wide range of modules, covering the breadth of language and literature. In my first year I studied poetry and prose from around the world, medieval dramas and the history of the English language. I've found that studying this wide range in first year has encouraged me to pursue areas that interest me, whilst simultaneously ensuring that I get a good grounding across many literary periods and genres. It's reassuring to know that no matter what options I decide to take, I will be taught by people who are leading experts in their fields. 

However university isn't just about academic study, and I have been really impressed with the opportunities that Leeds provides beyond the course. From writing for the student newspaper and getting involved with the English Society to attending the many theatres around the city, I've found no shortage of things to do outside of lectures and seminars. This combination of a first-class education and excellent extra-curricular opportunities makes Leeds a really exciting and stimulating place to spend your university years.