Matthew Gardner

BA English Language and Literature

Summary: Matthew Gardner talks about why he chose to study English at Leeds and how his personal highlight of studying here is the students union.

I chose English at Leeds because it serves my main interest, namely reading! My course certainly offers the scope to read both broadly and specifically, depending on the options you choose. What has challenged and enhanced my learning is the focus on critical theory in relation to the texts. Far from just learning about the story and its authors, we learn about how the texts apply to the world, and how they relate to each other, even down the ages. The course has taught me that theories and texts from many other disciplines are applicable to what I am reading.

For me, another great thing about Leeds is accessibility. My accommodation is roughly twenty minutes away from campus in Hyde Park (one of the student areas) and the city centre is also about twenty minutes from campus. In addition, through the Careers Centre I am beginning to develop my CV and preparing to search for a job at the end of my course.

The final highlight for me is the Student's Union. Not only does the building cater to the common student needs, but it also plays host to a huge number of societies and events at the University. I was overwhelmed by the number of societies that I was able to join, many allowing me to develop interests I previously had not considered. I am a member of the Comedy Society, several foreign languages societies and the Film Making society.