Holly Gibson

BA German

Summary: Holly Gibson studies German and explains the best things about her course as well as giving insider top-tips for new students.

I decided to apply for a place at Leeds because it has a great reputation and I liked the look of the modules on my course; single honours German. I love the shopping and nightlife in Leeds and it is a good distance from home too.

For new German students I would recommend researching your course modules so you know what to expect before you start and to just give everything a try! There is so much on offer so don't be afraid to get involved with things that you are interested in. 

The quality of teaching at Leeds is very good and the course offers a great range of modules. The tutors are always available to help with any problems and I don't hesitate when approaching them. There is a wide range of modules available on the course which means you can develop your interests.The modules that I studied in my first year and that I have chosen really appeal to me and are exactly what I am interested in.

The Student's Union is excellent too; there is so much going on. I have developed an interest in henna so have attended a couple of henna club meetings at the Union. I have had a fantastic first year at Leeds! I love going into the city and meeting up with friends, shopping, eating out and enjoying the nightlife!