Dr Alan V. Murray

Dr Alan V. Murray

Senior Lecturer in Medieval Studies and Editorial Director, International Medieval Bibliography

+44 (0)113 343 3617

Summary: The Crusades and the Latin East; Medieval Warfare, Tournaments and Chivalry; The Medieval Baltic Region; History and Literature of Medieval Germany.

Location: 407 Parkinson Building

Research Students

I am happy to supervise research students who wish to work on any of the following topics:

  • The crusades and the Latin East, 1095-1300
  • The Baltic region, 1150-1500
  • European warfare, 11th-16th centuries
  • Tournaments, chivalry and heraldry

To date I have supervised ten students to completion of their doctorates and am currently supervising six, who are mostly working on subjects relating to these broad themes. Those specialising in medieval and early modern warfare (including its depiction in literature), weapons and tournaments regularly meet in the Medieval Warfare Colloquium in order to discuss ideas in a small specialist forum.

Current Research Students

Trevor Russell Smith, 'English Attitudes to War in the Fourteenth Century' [joint supervision with Dr Catherine Batt]

Max Bienkowksi. 'Supernatural Vengeance in the Feuding Culture of the Medieval North Atlantic Periphery' [joint supervision with Dr Alaric Hall]

James Titterton, 'Deception and Trickery in Medieval Warfare, 1050-1450' [joint supervision with Karen Watts]

Hilary Rhodes, 'Burgundy and the Crusades, 1095-1300' [joint supervision with Dr Jonathan Jarrett]

Samuel Bradley, 'Tournaments in Northern Italy, 1200-1500' [joint supervision with Karen Watts]

Jacob Deacon, 'Medieval and Early Modern Fencing Masters in England' [joint supervision with Karen Watts]


 Past Research Students

Zsuzsanna Reed Papp, ‘Knowledge of East-Central Europe in Late Medieval England’ (Ph.D. 2010) [joint supervision with Dr Alfred Hiatt].

Nicholas Gribit, ‘Henry de Lancaster’s Army in Aquitaine, 1345: Recruitment, Service and Reward’ (Ph.D. 2013) [joint supervision with Karen Watts].

Nickolas Dupras, ‘Armourers and Their Workshops: The Tools and Techniques of Late Medieval Armour Production’ (Ph.D. 2013) [joint supervision with Karen Watts].

Elizabeth Mylod, ‘Pilgrim Activity in the Holy Land, 1187–1291’ (Ph.D. 2014) [joint supervision with Dr William Flynn].

Alexander Hodgkins, ‘Rebellion, Civil Disorder and Counter-Insurgency in 16th-Century England’ (Ph.D. 2014) [joint supervision with Dr Glenn Foard].

Stephanie Collinson, ‘Shaping the Nation before the Reformation: English National Identity up to 1530’ (Ph.D. 2016).

Joanna Phillips, ‘The Impact of Health and Disease on Military Campaigns in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Time of the Crusades, 1095–1291 (Ph.D. 2017) [joint supervision with Dr Iona McCleery].

Iason-Eleftherios Tzouriadis, ‘The Development, Use and Significance of Staff Weapons in Medieval Europe, c. 1300–1500 (Ph.D. 2017) [joint supervision with Karen Watts]

Natalie Anderson, ‘Tournaments in the Reign of Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519)’ (Ph.D. 2017) [joint supervision with Karen Watts]

Sophie Harwood, 'Women and War in the Old French Troy Tradition: Literary and Artistic Representations of Female Agency in the Romans d’Antiquité’  (Ph.D. 2017) [joint supervision with Prof. Rosalind Brown-Grant]