Professor Tony Crowley

Professor of English Language

+44(0) 113 343 4740

Summary: The politics of language, specifically the way in which language constructs, and is constructed by, forms of social power; the interrelations between language and history in Britain and Ireland.


Matthew Smith (Medicine/Psychology) (MD) - Rehabilitation of driving after stroke, jointly with Bipin Bhakta (Rehab.Medicine) and Catharine Chisholm (Bradford Optometry).

Alan White (Medicine/Psychology) (MD) - How can we best train surgeons to carry out minimally invasive surgery?,jointly with Mark Mon-Williams, Peter Culmer (Mech.Eng.) and Peter Lodge (Surgery).

Earle Jameson (Psych./ Mech.Eng) - Haptic Systems for Surgical Applications, jointly with Mark Mon-Williams, Ray Holt (Mech.Eng.).