Professor Tony Crowley

Professor of English Language

+44(0) 113 343 4740

Summary: The politics of language, specifically the way in which language constructs, and is constructed by, forms of social power; the interrelations between language and history in Britain and Ireland.

Recent Projects


I currently teach core modules in the English language (including ‘English: Culture, Context and Style’, and ‘Language in Society’), as well as option modules in ‘The Politics of Language’ and ‘Keywords: the words we use and the ways we use them’. I intend to develop a series of modules at the undergraduate and graduate levels that draw upon the research interests outlined above.
I welcome enquiries from postgraduate students wishing to research in any of the areas outlined above.

Recent publications:

Scouse: A Social and Cultural History, Liverpool and Chicago: Liverpool University Press, 2012, pp. xiii + 224.
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‘James Joyce and lexicography: “I must look that word up. Upon my word I must”’, Dictionaries, 31, 2010.
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‘The Murals of Northern Ireland 1979-2013’: