Emily Ennis

Emily Ennis

Teaching Assistant in the School of English

Summary: I am a recent PhD graduate from the School of English, now working as a postdoctoral teaching assistant. I am also a Short-Term Postdoctoral Fellow in the Leeds Humanities Research Institute

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the field of Critical and Cultural Theory, with a special focus on literatures of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Broadly, my research interests include psychoanalysis, the representation of women's bodies and female medicine in literature, the visual arts and theories of aesthetics, thing theory, French literature, and erotic literature, among others. I have written on Georges Bataille and geometry, Emily Dickinson and breathing, the Pre-Raphaelites and their relationship to cinema, and the role of 'mimesis' in literary representation. I am also interested in US TV dramas, and I am currently preparing an article on the aesthetics of food in David Lynch's Twin Peaks franchise. These remain ongoing projects in which I have a vested interest.

I completed my PhD in English in 2016. My thesis interrogated the relationship between photography and literature in the decades between 1880 and 1920, bringing together a critical cultural focus and late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century theories on aesthetics. Specifically I focused on the rise of the amateur photographer and the threat this figure posed to the professional author. The writers included as part of my thesis were Bram Stoker, Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad, and Virginia Woolf, as well as additional photographic artists and theorists. Each of these writers have a peculiar, if not at times ambivalent, relationship with the medium of photography, which was becoming rapidly commercialised and popularised between 1880 and 1920. Focusing on literature and artefacts from this period I also helped to unpack what exactly we think of when we think of photography, and how authors might be responding to the personal and cultural investment we have in the truth-telling ability of the camera. 

Teaching Responsibilities

Postdoctoral Teaching Assistant, Modern Literature 2017-2018. 

Module Assistant, Writing Critically,  2014-2015; 2016-2017.

Module Assistant, Poetry: Reading and Interpretation, 2014-2015.

Module Assistant, Prose: Reading and Interpretation, 2015-2016.

Module Assistant, Victorian Literature, 2015-2016. 

Extra-Curricular Activities and Educational Engagement

I was co-chair the School of English's postgraduate research seminar 2013-2014. Throughout my PhD I worked as an Educational Outreach Fellow for the Faculty of Arts, which involved running workshops with hard-to-reach schools both inside Yorkshire and across the UK, in which I gave taster sessions of university seminars or workshops to encourage them to apply for further education. My multimedia approach to my research has developed the way in which I think about teaching, and my focus on critical and cultural theory has informed my preoccupation with student-led learning. I have also been a Students as Scholars mentor.

Prizes and Scholarships

University of Leeds Florence Dry Award for English Language and/or Literature Undergraduate with highest average, 2011.

University of Leeds John Barnard Scholarship for MA study 2011-2012.

AHRC Scholarship for PhD in English, 2012-2015 

Conferences and Speaking Engagements

Conference Papers and Roundtables

[Upcoming] 'Death and Photography on Stage: Bram Stoker, Theatrical Culture, and The Visual Heritage of the Vampire', Colloque Photo-ThéâtreInstitut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris, November 23-25 2017 [bilingual conference]

'[T]rippers with Kodaks looking over hedges: Thomas Hardy, the Amateur Photographer, and the Boundary between Art and Life', BAVS 2017: Victorians Unbound: Connections and Intersections, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, August 22-24 2017

'Closed Circles? English Literature and the Return of Canonical Exclusivity', a roundtable co-organised with Dr Andrew Warnes and Dr Simon Sandison, English: Shared FuturesNewcastle University, July 5-7 2017

'Photographic Conception and Literary Pregnancies: Mass Media, Technology, and Thomas Hardy's 'An Imaginative Woman' (1893), Rethinking Early Photography, University of Lincoln, June 16-17 2015

Speaking Invitations

[Upcoming]' Bram Stoker, Theatrical Culture, and The Visual Heritage of the Vampire', School of Humanities Research Seminar, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, March 7 2018

'The Theatricality of Photographs: Bram Stoker and the Lyceum Theatre, Victorian Research Seminar, Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies, December 7 2016

Guest Lecturer, Students into Schools module, 2014-2015; 2015-2016; 2016-2017; 2017-2018


Published Articles

'Conrad Writing Photography: Authenticity and Identity in The Inheritors and "The Black Mate"', The Conradian, vol. 41, no. 1 (Spring 2016), pp. 32-52.

'The Construction of Women from a Gendered Perspective: Pre-Cinematic Victorian Representations and the Male Scopophilic Gaze', MP: An Online Feminist Journal Summer 2012: Vol. 3, Issue 5, pp. 82-97.